Queer Eye Season 4: Where Are the Heroes Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Smith/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye‘ is a captivating reality show that serves as the 2018 reboot of the eponymous Bravo series. Created by David Collins, each episode of the heartwarming show revolves around a singular person, known as a “hero,” who has been nominated to be treated to the services of the Fab Five. The fourth season of the series premiered in 2019 and easily captured the attention of the audience thanks to its stellar cast. For those eager to know where your favorites from the season are these days, we have just the information you need!

Kathi is Embracing Transformation and Styling with Fab Five

Kathleen “Kathi” Dooley seems to have fully embraced the transformation she underwent while on the show. Not only has she been highly appreciative of her time with Fab Five, but she also has met up with Jonathan Van Ness more than once, the latter being more than happy to style her hair. Kathi even met up with Antoni Porowski in February 2023 and was delighted to talk about the same on her social media account. In October 2021, Kathi made her Lego debut alongside the experts from the show. Presently, she works as an Administrator for Quincy Public School, along with being the Director of Music Education and Fine Arts.

Wesley is Inspiring and Leading with Resilience

Splitting his time between Kansas City, Missouri, and Los Angles, California, we have Wesley Hamilton. Following his time on the show, he has only continued to thrive and expand his good work for society. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Disabled But Not Really. Additionally, he has taken up the role of a Motivation Speaker and has been verbally inspiring others since December 2020. Despite the hardships that life has presented him with, the reality TV star continues to soldier on and is an inspiration to many.

John is Supporting Family Today

Let’s talk about John Stoner, whose life has certainly turned for the better. After his time on the show, he started seeing a therapist, something that he has shared has helped him overcome his depression and be there for his daughter Lucy. Presently, he is in a relationship with Dr. Amber Botros, who is a plus-size model as well as the mind behind Plaza Aesthetics and Wellness, a medical spa in Kansas City. John himself seems to be thriving in his personal life and is quite close to his loved ones.

Wanda is Leading Youth With Passion

Let’s talk about Wanda Winters, who is seemingly living her best life. The reality TV star is proud to be the CEO of Pythons Drill Team, an organization devoted to the youth of Kansas City to celebrate their talent. When not working hard alongside the various members of the community, Wanda likes to spend time with her family. The addition of her granddaughter, Roselynn Marie Rife, into her life on December 31, 2021, was undoubtedly a welcome celebration for Wanda.

Kenny is Passionately Supporting Animal Welfare Today

Though not very active on social media, the brief glimpses of his life that Kenny Yarnevich has provided to the public have certainly been heartwarming. Along with his dog Fab, the reality TV star does seem to be doing better. Given his life for animals, it is no wonder that he is quite passionate about his association with KC Pet Project, an animal shelter based in Kansas City.

Deanna is Promoting Latino Arts Now

Deanna Munoz has continued her work for Latino art and culture. Presently, she is the President and CEO of the Latino Arts Foundation and hopes to continue on the path that she has taken. Additionally, she is the mind behind Midwest Chicana Brand, an online and pop-up store that sells custom earrings with designs inspired by the Chicano community. Deanna also has a podcast named Midwest Chicana. The mother of four is happily married to her husband Aaron and is always eager to share happy moments of her life with her online admirers.

Brandonn is Coaching Little League, Enjoying Family

Next, we have Brandonn Mixon, who is based in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The Co-Founder of the Veterans Community Project presently also serves as the organization’s Director of Facilities. Additionally, he is the Founder and CEO of Airborne Mechanical and Home Renovations. Happily married to Alexia Mixon, the US Army Veteran celebrated his 13th anniversary in April 2023. The father of three is always happy to be involved in the lives of his two sons and daughter and even serves as a Little League Coach.

Matt is Enjoying Family Life Today

As of writing, Matt Moreland serves as the Manager of Moreland Farms, a position he has retained since June 1999. He is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Red Barn Ranch. Based just north of Harrisonville, Missouri, the reality TV star seems to be thriving in his life at the farm and has seemingly maintained the changes that were brought to his life through the Netflix show. Along with Kelly Erdman and their four kids, it seems like Matt is truly living his life to the fullest.

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