Rabbit Hole Episode 4 Recap: The Person in Your Ear

Paramount+’s ‘Rabbit Hole’ John Weir, a master of corporate espionage who is embroiled in a grave conspiracy. However, when John is framed for murder, he is forced to go on the run and search for clues to track the mysterious Crowley. The shadowy criminal is also connected to John’s past through his father, Dr. Ben Wilson. In the fourth episode, titled ‘The Person in Your Ear,’ John gets informant intel to set a trap for Crowley. However, he requires Hailey’s help to execute his plan. Therefore, viewers must be curious to learn if John’s plan succeeds at the end of ‘Rabbit Hole’ episode 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Rabbit Hole Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘The Person in Your Ear,’ opens with a detailed look at Xander Arnaz’s death. While Arnaz dodges FBI Agent Josephine “Jo” Madi, he waits in his office. Meanwhile, The Intern who worked as a part of John Weir’s team arrives in the disguise of a delivery man. While delivering the package, The Intern brutally hurts Arnaz and throws him from the office building on the orders of his shadowy boss. Meanwhile, John and his group arrive at their new safe house and set up the operation.

Meanwhile, Jo examines the video footage from security cameras while investigating Arnaz’s death. Ben goes through the comms data collected by John. However, he finds nothing related to Crowley in Valence’s records. As a result, Ben tries to convince John that Valence betrayed him. However, John remains determined to scan the data for a clue. Later, John reveals that he learned of Mile Valence’s involvement in several cryptocurrency payments in buying and selling NFTs.

While Ben urges John to accept Valence’s betrayal, John is adamant it was out of character for Valence to invest in art. Nonetheless, Ben believes Valence’s death is taking a psychological toll on his son. Simultaneously, the group learns of Arnaz’s death through a news broadcast. Edward Homm overhears Ben and John’s conversation about Valence’s crypto payments. He convinces the duo that he has viable information but wants to meet his wife before sharing it with them.

However, Ben convinces Homm that meeting his wife would endanger her life. Hence, Homm settles for watching his wife through security footage. Subsequently, Homm reveals that the cryptocurrency payments from Valence’s accounts were being made to Elliott Gal, a high-profile money launderer. He was investigating the payments between Arda Analytics and Gal when his death was ordered. As a result, Ben becomes convinced that Homm might have been too close to exposing Crowley.

John believes that Gal launders money for Crowley. Hence, he formulates a plan to investigate Gal, hoping to extract Crowley from his hideout. He decides to use Hailey to spy on Gal and wants her to infiltrate a party Gal is throwing. However, John first spends some time training Hailey in the ways of elite espionage. In the process, Hailey and John grow close to each other. Meanwhile, Ben leaves to take care of other matters, and Homm learns that his wife is having an affair with his next-door neighbor.

Rabbit Hole Episode 4 Ending: Who Is Crowley? Does John’s Plan Work?

In the episode, John learns that Elliott Gal is laundering money for Crowley. As a result, Gal has a direct line with Crowley. Hence, John believes that he can get to Crowley through Gal. John wants to question Crowley’s money pipeline, forcing the omnipresent power broker to reveal himself. Therefore, John gives Agent Jo another tip, believing her investigation will lead her to Gal. After Jo establishes contact with Gal, John uses the opportunity to plant Hailey as a decoy FBI Agent to trick Gal into revealing the source of his income.

Initially, Hailey plays her part well and manages to plant the seed of doubt within Gal. As a result, Gal realizes that the FBI is dangerously close to exposing his operation. However, Hailey is suddenly forced to retreat after she sees her former boss at Gal’s party. Hailey reveals that she was fired from her old job. However, she stole $26 million worth of Bitcoin from her former boss before leaving. Eventually, Hailey’s cover is blown when her former boss recognizes her. As a result, Hailey’s former boss hires assassins to go after her and reclaim his money.

Meanwhile, John teams up with Homm to extract Hailey from Gal’s house. On the other hand, Hailey is brought to Gal while the latter is confronted by his boss about leaking information to the FBI. Hailey is surprised to learn that John’s father. Dr. Ben Wilson is Crowley. However, it soon becomes evident that Ben is merely posing as Crowley to save Hailey. Ben’s cover is also blown after the real Crowley texts Gal and confirms that the person talking to him is an imposter.

Ultimately, John and Homm arrive in time and save Hailey and Ben. The group goes on the run again, and their plan is foiled. Moreover, Ben’s survival was the ace up the group’s sleeve. However, now that Crolwy is aware that Ben is alive, the group no longer has an advantage over their position. Thus, John’s plan to extract Crowley fails. Nonetheless, John learns about a mysterious business connected to Valence, Gal, and potentially Crowley. Thus, John sees no other option but to bring his team back into action.

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