Why Did Ben Fake His Death? Who Is Crowley in Rabbit Hole?

Paramount+’s ‘Rabbit Hole’ stars Kiefer Sutherland as Jon Weir, a man skilled in deception who is known for his manipulation and espionage skills. However, John’s life turns upside down when he is framed for murder. As John tries to evade the shadowy figures determined to destroy him, we learn more about his father’s past and its impact on John’s life. Moreover, Ben’s backstory also introduces the show’s main villain, Crowley. However, we still know precariously little about Crowley and his true intentions. Therefore, viewers must be wondering about the reason behind Ben’s fake death and its connection to Crowley in ‘Rabbit Hole.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Ben Faked His Death

In the second episode of ‘Rabbit Hole,’ viewers learn that protagonist John Weir’s father, Dr. Ben Wilson, died when the former was still ten years old. In a flashback sequence, Ben becomes paranoid about his whereabouts and his family’s safety. In another flashback, it is revealed that Ben died by suicide after shooting himself in the head. A young John witnesses his father shooting himself in the head, traumatizing the boy. However, at the end of the second episode, we learn that Ben is still alive. In the series, actor Charles Dance, best known for portraying Tywin Lannister in the fantasy drama series ‘Game of Thrones,’ appears as the older version of  Dr. Ben Wilson. However, we do not learn about Ben’s backstory until the third episode.

In episode 3, titled ‘The Algorithms of Control,’ we learn that Ben is a psychologist who served in the army. Later, Ben joined the CIA and met the power-hungry Crowley. Soon, Ben became aware of Crowley’s true intentions. Therefore, it is safe to say that Ben harbored several dark secrets. Consequently, his family’s life was jeopardized because of his proximity to dangerous secrets. Eventually, Ben decided he should disappear from his family’s life. Thus, Ben faked his death in the public eye and cut all contact with his wife and son for years. However, when Ben sees an opportunity to take down Crowley, he reveals his true fate to John.

Crowley Remains an Elusive Foe

Crowley is first mentioned in the show’s third episode and is the series’ primary antagonist. In a flashback sequence set in 2017, a few years before the show’s events start, we see Ben recruiting John Weir and the latter’s best friend, Miles Valence, to take down an omnipresent threat. This threat is none other than Crowley. Ben explains that Crowley has eyes and ears everywhere. However, he operates from the shadows and does not appear in the eye public eye. Therefore, he is a dangerous target and extremely difficult to catch. Ben implies that Crowley formerly worked with the CIA.

The name “Crowley,’ seems to be a reference to Aleister Crowley, an English occultist and philosopher. However, unlike the real Crowley, the show’s iteration is built up as a sinister force determined to obtain power for himself. Ben explains that Crowley seeks power and wants his own regime over the United States. After making trillions of dollars working as a political fixer in countries like Russia, Crowley is now using all his resources to topple the United States democracy.

Crowley wants to install a puppet leader and control the entire nation from behind the scenes. However, Crowley is yet to appear on the screen officially, and he is only mentioned sporadically through the conversation between Ben and John. Actor Mark Winnick, known for his work in shows such as ‘Vikings’ and ‘Wu Assassins’ is expected to appear as Young Crowley in the show’s sixth episode. Therefore, viewers will have to stay tuned to the show’s upcoming episodes to learn more about the enigmatic and elusive villain.

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