Ragnarok: Do Saxa and Magne End Up Together?

Image Credit: Christian Geisnaes / Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Ragnarok’ is a modern-day retelling of Norse mythology, focusing on the titular war between the Gods and Giants. It follows the story of a teenager named Magne who discovers that he has the powers of Thor. As he delves into the mythology and why he has the powers, he discovers that there are evil forces in the world working to destroy it. His enemies are the Giants, who have established themselves as the Jutul family, one of Norway’s wealthiest and most powerful families.

The Jutul family consists of Vidar, Ran, and their children, Fjor and Saxa. While the others are scared of Magne and his growing powers, Saxa is the only one who doesn’t necessarily see him as a threat. She tries to avoid conflict with him and is not scared of him even when he is at his best. In the third season, Saxa and Magne briefly date each other. What happens to them by the end of ‘Ragnarok’? Do they end up together? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Do Saxa and Magne End Up Together?

Saxa is the most ambitious of all Jutuls and wants to be in charge of the company. However, Fjor is preferred over her and is slated to be the next owner of the company and leader of the family simply because he is a man. In the second season, when Fjor abandons the family, Saxa tries to prove herself to Vidar so she can become his successor. However, after Vidar’s death, Fjor comes to power and undoes all of her work. He takes it a step further and punishes Saxa by turning her into a slave when he discovers that she gave Laurits the key that Magne used to break into the factory and use the Eternal Fire to forge his hammer.

With the hammer, Magne becomes invincible. When he realizes his power, he holds it over the Giants to make them do whatever he wants. Saxa comes up with the plan of seducing Magne and then stealing his hammer when he’s not looking. With no other option, Fjor and Ran agree, though they are doubtful about the plan. However, Saxa had always kept things friendlier with the Magne and believed it would benefit her. Moreover, in the final episode of Season 2, she briefly seduces Magne and stalls him while Fjor and Ran go to his house to attack Laurits.

Saxa’s plan succeeds, and Magne easily falls to her charms, especially after being drunk with the power the hammer brings him. When he and Signy have a fallout, Saxa seizes the opportunity to show Magne that his relationship with a human would be useless. He is a God; he will never grow old. But Signy is human; she will grow old and die. Their relationship is doomed from the beginning. Saxa, however, is a Giant and will live just as long as Magne, which makes her the perfect partner for him.

Saxa also lures Magne with the money. She spoils him with new clothes and other gifts, and not being poor for the first time in his life shows Magne that he can use his powers to get anything he wants. With Magne by her side, Saxa becomes invulnerable. Magne has Fjor under his thumb, which means that Saxa can blackmail her brother into getting whatever she wants. Instead of taking away the hammer and killing Magne, she enjoys having him by her side and doing whatever she wants.

Eventually, however, Magne loses the hammer, and everything comes crashing down. With his power gone, Saxa also loses her hold, and Fjor decides to punish her. However, she runs away. She knows the only way to get back in good graces with Fjor is to kill Magne. Or to get Magne his hammer back and be at the top of the food chain with him. She fails to convince Magne to be with her, so she tries to kill him but fails. Ultimately, the Giants and Gods decide not to go to war and surrender arms. But this does nothing for Saxa and Magne’s relationship. They are broken up. Magne goes back to Signy, while Saxa gets to have half of the company and enjoys her new power, which is what she really wanted in the first place.

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