Raina Washington: The Is it Cake Contestant is a Mother of Four

With the world never failing to be impressed by just how realistic some hyper-realistic cakes can be, the popularity of Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?‘ is hardly a surprise. The recently released season 3 of the show gave some highly skilled bakers a chance to create visually deceiving cakes of their own, and bakers like Raina Washington certainly were up for the challenge. Given her talent when it comes to baking, her increased popularity is hardly a surprise.

Raina Washington’s Talent Was on Display During Her Time on the Show

Having not been the top performer in the Find That Cake round in episode one of the third season of the Netflix show, Raina Washington got her chance to bake during episode 2. She ended up giving her best when it came to each round of the competition but did not succeed in fooling the judges – Oscar Nuñez, Jillian Bell, and Kamie Crawford – with her hyper-realistic cake. Fortunately, the judges did seem to enjoy the taste of her cake, which allowed her not to be ranked at the bottom and be close to elimination.

The next time Raina baked was in episode 4. The Find That Cake round this time around was a special one as the winner got to choose whom they got to team up with for the next round. Raina ended up getting the fastest time in this round, allowing her to choose her teammate, and she went with Timmy Norman. Each of them had to prepare a cake shaped like a lunch dish. However, both of their dishes would be presented to the judges, meaning that both cakes had to be visually impeccable.

Unfortunately, the duo of Raina and Timmy did not succeed in deceiving the judges who had been on the show that day – Michael Ealy, Heather McMahan, and Beck Bennett. This meant that both of them were up to elimination, and the judges had to make a choice based on the taste of their cakes. Unfortunately for Raina, her cake’s flavor fell just short of the benchmark that Timmy had established, leading to her elimination.

Where is Raina Washington Now?

Having been in the cake decorating industry since 2001, Raina’s experience is undoubtedly impressive, and it is backed by her undeniable skills. Her first-ever cake business was called Cakes With Impressions while she was still a legal assistant. However, with her shift to Sweet Kakes and Co, she was able to realize her skills as a businesswoman and soon concentrated only on her cake business. In fact, she was even able to open a shop in 2011.

Unfortunately, Sweet Kakes and Co. closed in 2013, and Raina had to briefly go back to the world fo corporate. However, she soon made a comeback in November 2016 with the opening of The Sweet Stop of RVA. The venture has gone on to become a highly successful one and has added much to the reality TV star’s reputation. She even appeared on Food Network’s ‘Big Time Bake.’ Based in Richmond, Virginia, Raina continues to wow the world with her hyper-realistic cakes, as evident by her having over 13K Instagram followers.

As for her personal life, Raina is happily married to Dante Washington. The two celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in February of 2024. Raina has credited him, alongside her mother, Naomi Taylor, as one of her biggest supporters who helped her in her career as a baker and entrepreneur. She also appreciates all the love and encouragement that has been given to her by her four children, whom she loves very much. With a specialization in custom cakes for weddings, Raina’s work has impressed many over the years.

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