Grace Pak: The Is it Cake Contestant is an Entrepreneur Today

Given just how fascinating many of us find the viral trend of hyper-realistic cakes, it is hardly a wonder that Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?‘ has become so loved. As such, the contestants featured in the show are often subject of much interest, especially those who are easily able to prove to the world that they can easily deceive the world with their cakes. Consider season 3’s Grace “Grey” Pak, an impressive baker whose performance helped her gain many supporters.

Grace Pak Wowed Many on the Show With Her Beautiful Cakes

When she came on the Netflix show, Grace Pak was excited to show the world just what she could do with cakes. It was not until the second episode that the viewers got to see her try and fool the judges with her work. Unfortunately, the visiting judges – Oscar Nuñez, Jillian Bell, and Kamie Crawford – were able to identify her cake from the crowd. Though up for elimination, the taste of her cake was enough for judges not to rank her as the episode’s losing baker.

Eventually, Grace was seen in episode 4 of the show, where the bakers had to work in teams of two. Her partner for the episode was none other than Henderson Gonzalez. Both of them were able to make cakes that looked much too similar to lunch dishes and, hence, fooled the judges. With an assured prize of $5,000 in both of their pockets, Grace and Henderson went on to compete in the Cake or Cash round, which allowed them to double their earnings.

Determined to continue her impressive performance, Grace started episode 6 with a band by winning the Find That Cake round. This allowed her to choose what she wanted to bake in the next round. While Grace was indeed able to fool the judges, she was not the only one; the other two bakers, Julie McAllister and Jujhar Mann, also succeeded in the task. Now, it was up to the taste of their cakes, and the judges ended up declaring Grace the winning baker. She was then up for the Cake or Cash round, with her bagging $10,000.

Grace was now one of the semi-finalists of season 3 and was up against five extremely talented bakers. With a chance at victory so close, Grace gave it her all to hopefully fool the judges. Unfortunately, she was not successful this time around. As only three of the bakers were successful in this particular endeavor, Grace was eliminated from the competition alongside Julie. However, she walked away with $20,000 in her pocket.

Where is Grace Pak Now?

As of writing, Grace Pak is affiliated with the Duchess of Cameron as its Owner, having founded the organization in August 2023. The company is known for its high-end cakes that serve well-known clients. The reality TV star splits her time between the heart of New York City and the beautiful environment of Aspen, Colorado. Her company is also the preferred vendor of The Saint Regis New York, a luxury hotel in Manhattan, New York. Apart from the Netflix show, Grace has also been part of projects like ‘Buddy vs Duff’ and ‘Stab That Cake!’

Grace also served as the founder of NY Cake Design Lab, having taken up the position in April 2019. However, in January 2024, her time with the company came to an end. Her work even gave Grace a chance to have her cake featured on the front page of the February 2024 edition of Asian Avenue Magazine, and she shared her thoughts on her journey, her future plans, and her thoughts when it comes to the art of food decoration. Moreover, Grace was the one to provide the cake for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball that was held in November 2024. Only weeks afterward, in December 2023, her cake was part of the False Awakenings exhibit. Eager to share her knowledge with those who are also interested in the same, she offers cake decorating classes via the Internet.

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