Caitlin Taylor: The Is it Cake Contestant is a Wife and Mother

In Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?‘ one can easily see just how creative bakers can turn delicious cakes into true works of visual art. The third season of the show introduced the world to different bakers who showcased this talent to a degree that the world cannot help but be impressed by. Caitlin Taylor certainly gave it her all when it came to partaking in the challenges presented to her and never let a setback bring her down.

Caitlin Taylor Faced Various Challenges on the Show

A skilled baker in her own right, Caitlin Taylor started off the competition strong by being one of the four bakers who aced the Find That Cake round in the very first episode of season 3. As such, she was selected to take part in the baking challenge, where she could make anything her heart desired. Despite her best efforts, her cake did not succeed in fooling the judges. After the judges tasted all the cakes they had found, they ranked Caitlin at the bottom, meaning she was one step closer to elimination.

In episode 3, Caitlin was set to compete against Kristen Eagles, who had been at the bottom in episode 2. The one who would lose between the two was set to be eliminated. Caitlin was able to win the Find That Cake challenge this time around, allowing her to pick first what she wanted to bake. However, she failed to deceive the judges with her creation, but since Kristen also did not succeed in this task, it was up to the judges to determine who was to be eliminated based on the taste of their cakes.

Fortunately for her, Caitlin was not the one whom the judges chose to eliminate, allowing her to stay in the competition. She was next seen in episode 5, where she ended up being one of the top 3 bakers of the Find That Cake round, meaning that she was chosen to bake. While the baker gave it her all, her cake did not succeed in deceiving the judges of the day – Sam Morril, Danielle Pinnock, and Christina P – leading to her elimination. She did make a comeback to the show’s kitchen in the final episode when Timmy Norman chose her to be his assistant for the day.

Where is Caitlin Taylor Now?

With a stellar history in the food industry, Caitlin Taylor has made sure to utilize her skills as efficiently as possible. Interestingly, ‘Is it Cake?’ was not her first collaboration with Netflix, as she had also been a participant in the first Christmas edition of Netflix’s ‘Sugar Rush,’ which was released in 2019. The baker had ended up winning that competition, much to her delight and that of her loved ones. Hence, it is easy to say that Caitlin is no stranger to the world of reality TV.

Now based in Bowie, Maryland, Caitlin is overseeing her own business called The Sculpted Slice, which was formerly called The Artful Apron. In fact, has been serving as the Founder and Executive Chef of the establishment since April 2019. The former Cake Artist of Charm City Cakes (April 2019 to May 2022) has worked alongside some big names like Joe Jonas, who used one of Caitlin’s cakes on his 30th birthday.

On a more personal note, Caitlin is quite happily married to her husband, Simon Taylor. The two have a son named Aitch, who was born on November 19, 2017. Both Caitlin and Simon, who celebrate their anniversary in November of every year, seem to adore their son very much. The baker especially seems to take joy in celebrating every milestone in her son’s life and sharing them with the world via social media, with her followers finding joy in Caitlin’s happiness.

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