Kristen Eagles: The Is it Cake Contestant is a Mother of Three

The trend of hyper-realistic cake continues to wow the world, thanks to the talented bakers who take part in Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?‘ The show gives talented bakers a chance to show just what they can do with their creativity and skills. In season 3, Kristen Eagles tried her level best to make sure that the world was able to see what she could do using her cakes and vision. Though her journey on the show did not go the way she might have liked, she did capture the attention of several viewers.

Kristen Eagles’ Time on the Show Was a Short One

Coming on the Netflix show, Kristen Eagles tried to showcase her attention to detail in season 1 but unfortunately did not make it to the top 4 of the Find That Cake round. This meant that the first time the baker got a chance to bake was in episode 2 of season 3 when she was set to compete against Grace Pak, Raina Washington, and Julie McAllister. Though she did not claim first place in Find That Cake this time around as well, she was determined not to let it get her down.

It was then up to Oscar Nuñez, Jillian Bell, and Kamie Crawford to find Kristen’s cake among similar-looking decoys. Unfortunately for the baker, the judges were able to spot her cake, which meant that it was now up to the taste of her cake. However, the three judges found the taste of Kristen’s cake to not be as good as the others. This meant that she now had to compete against Caitlin Taylor in the next episode in order to escape elimination.

Since both Kristen and Caitlin had been ranked at the bottom in their respective episodes, they had to go head-to-head against each other. Caitlin ended up winning the Find That Cake round, giving her the first choice of what she wanted to bake. Unfortunately, the cakes made by both bakers did not deceive judges Dulce Sloan, Chris Witaske, and Liza Koshy. Once again, the final result was dependent upon the taste of their creations. Though the decision was hard to make, the tasters ultimately felt that Caitlin’s cake was better than Kristen’s, leading to the latter’s elimination. However, she did come back to the season finale and served as an assistant to finalist Jujhar Mann.

Where is Kristen Eagles Now?

As a contestant on the popular Netflix show, Kristen Eagles has earned even more admirers in recent days. The reality TV star lives in Woodstock, Ontario, and is proud to be a baker. Her hyper-realistic cakes have dazzled many on the internet, with people often left confused, and she can convert cakes to look like any kind of object. In fact, as of writing, she has more than 20K followers on Instagram, the majority of whom remain impressed by her skills and are often looking forward to her next venture.

Kristen is also no stranger to the world of television and has been a part of many entertainment projects apart from the ‘Is it Cake?’ She has not only appeared as a competitor on Food Network but has even won a winning title while on Food Network Canada. As such, she is well-versed in the art of competition and has been recognized multiple as a skilled cake artist. The sheer variety in her work, as well as her willingness to be open with her followers, has allowed Kristen to share some uniquely intriguing content on social media.

When not working hard, Kristen enjoys spending time with her family very much. As of writing, she is quite happily married and has three boys. The happy family of five often appears on social media, with Kristen frequently trying to see if she can trick her children with her creations. With a unique sense of humor, the Netflix star is more than open to bizarre yet eye-catching ideas for her cakes. One of the only things that might match her love for cake is her adoration for coffee.

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