Jujhar Mann: Where is the Is it Cake Finalist Now?

Jujhar Mann is an undeniably talented baker who got the chance to show off his skills in the third season of Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?‘ With a keen eye for detail and a steady hand that can create cakes in the shape of any object you can imagine, he emerged as one of the prominent competitors in the show, even bagging a position in the last round of the competition. Impressed by all that Jujhar displayed himself as being capable of, fans of the show have continued to heap praise on him.

Jujhar Mann Impressed Many With His Skills on the Show

When it came to proving his skills, Jujhar Mann used every skill in his arsenal to create an impact. The baker was one of the four participants chosen to bake in season 3’s very first episode. Thanks to his artistic skills, Jujhar emerged as the only baker to be able to fool the judges, winning the round. He then went on to take part in the Cake or Cash round in order to double his prize of $5,000, but unfortunately did not succeed.

Due to his status as the winning baker of episode one, Jujhar had to face off against Julie McAllister in episode 3 for a possible prize of $15,000. Both the bakers actually ended up deceiving the judges for this particular round, which meant that the winner was decided based on the taste of their cakes. Jujhar once again won the challenge, and this time, even succeeded in the Cake or Cash round, where host Mikey Day claimed that he would himself add $5 to Jujhar’s winnings, adding $15,005 to his prize pot.

Thanks to the fact that Jujhar’s cake deceived all judges in episode 6, he was selected to be a part of the semi-finals. For the penultimate round, Jujhar had to battle against four excellent bakers. However, since only three among the top 5 were able to deceive the judges using their cake, Jujhar was able to quickly make his way into the finals. For the finals, all the contestants had to team up with one of the eliminated participants.

Having bagged second position in the Find That Cake round, Jujhar was able to team up with Kristen Eagles, having developed a close bond with her. Given that the theme of the challenge was family, Jujhar chose to make a beautiful set of peacocks in honor of his family. Though his creation was beautiful, it was not able to fool the judges. However, since other finalists also did not succeed in the task, it all came down to the taste of their cakes, with Jujhar closely losing the title of victor to Henderson Gonzalez.

Jujhar Mann is Now a Business Owner

Presently, Jujhar Mann seems to be doing quite well for himself. The reality TV star is actually a resident of Surrey, British Columbia. In January 2019, he started the Mann and Co Bakeshop as an online business. Since August 2019, he has been the Chief Executive Officer of the company, which even opened a store in the Winter of 2022. Interestingly, the Netflix series is not the only reality TV experience that Jujhar has. As it turns out, he was one of the competitors on Food Network Canada’s  ‘Great Chocolate Showdown’ in 2021. He was also a part of ‘The Big Bake’ season 4, having appeared on Food Network for the same in December 2023.

A renowned Pastry Chef and Cake Artist, Jujhar is known for his custom cakes, pastries and other forms of desserts. His store is open from Tuesday to Sunday and has earned much praise from its customers. Jujhar is also known for sharing his work with the world through social media, which has helped him establish an impressive fanbase. As of writing, the baker’s company’s Instagram page has over 15K followers, who all seem to adore his work.

More than anything, it seems like Jujhar draws strength from his family, often thanking them for all the love and support that they have shown him over the years. He also tries to ensure that each and every one of his works has a personal touch that sets him apart from everyone else and keeps his customers coming back for more. Not only does he share pictures and videos of his creations with his followers, but he often talks about the stories of the people for whom he makes his cakes.

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