Henderson Gonzalez: Where is the Is it Cake Winner Now?

While watching hyper-realistic cakes can always be considered a treat, it is far from easy to make these life-like creations. Hence, the skills of people like Henderson Gonzalez are something that the world cannot help but appreciate. Using his talent, the baker was able to bag the title of the victor of the third season of Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?‘ For all his fans who watched his on-screen journey with bated breath, the question of his current whereabouts remains a prominent one.

Henderson Gonzalez Created a Sweet Path to Victory

From the very first round of Find That Cake, Henderson Gonzalez was able to prove his attention to detail. The baker was the fastest to identify the cake in this particular round and hence was one of the four bakers to proceed to the next round, which consisted of making a hyper-realistic cake of any object that the participants wanted. Unfortunately, Henderon’s cake failed to fool the judges, but the taste of his creation ensured that he was still safe and not up for the elimination challenge.

The next time Henderson was able to showcase his skills in the Netflix show was in episode 4 of season 3. Given the results of the Find That Cake round, he and Grace Pak were able to pair up for the main round. They were able to beat their competition by creating cakes shaped like lunch items that easily fooled the judges. The two then went on to the Cake or Cash round, which they won and were able to bag $10,000 each.

During the next round of challenges, Henderson once again won the Find That Cake round, allowing him to pick what object he wanted to use for his cake’s inspiration. His work, along with that of Timmy Norman, succeeded in deceiving the judges. Thanks to the taste of his cake, Henderson was able to win the title of winning baker. However, he lost the next Cake or Cash round, adding only $5,000 to his pockets instead of the possible $10,000.

Now, into the semifinals, Henderson gave it his all in the baking round, which allowed him to fool the judges once more, securing a place in the finals, though he did not win the cash prize this time. During the finale, Henderson was actually the slowest among the three finalists in the Find That Cake round, which meant that he got to choose his assistant last. He ended up going with Grace, having partnered with her previously as well.

Together, Henderson and Grace had to make a cake that represented the former’s family in some way, and he chose to make a toy cart to represent his love for his daughter. Unfortunately, none of the cakes created by the finalists succeeded in fooling the judges, which meant that everything was now based on the taste of the three cakes. This was where Henderson’s work shone, allowing him to be declared the winner for the season. With the final prize pot of $65,000 in his bag, the winner took home a total of $80,000.

Henderson Gonzalez is Now Happily Married

Based in Orlando, Florida, Henderson Gonzalez continues to make a name for himself in the world of hyper-realistic cake-making. The Venezuelan man calls himself an Artistic Baker, a Sugar Architect Designer, and a 3D Cake Expert, with much evidence to back these titles up. He had been a Pastry Cook for Walt Disney World since 2018 but left the job in 2019 to focus solely on his work as a content creator. As of writing, he has over 314K followers on Instagram.

Known as “Master Baker,” Henderson has won Food Network’s ‘Spring Baking Championship’ and ‘Holiday Baking Championship.’ He was also declared the Cake Maker of the Year during the 2023 American Cake Awards. Additionally, he has ventured into the world of entertainment through his documentary ‘My Sweet Story,’ in 2023, which had been praised as a winner at about 14 international festivals. For his work, Henderson was also up for five awards at the 2023 Suncoast Emmy Awards and even won a prize for Best Direction.

Through the help of the internet, Henderson offers Party Master Classes to those interested in the art of cake decoration, especially themed ones. On a more personal note, the Netflix show winner is now happily married to Ale Morales, having completed 12 years of matrimony in December 2023. Together, the couple has a beautiful daughter named Ivanna, who turned 11 in September 2023. Hence, it is hardly a wonder that the baker tries his best to spend as much time as possible with his loved ones, adoring their presence in his life.

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