Timmy Norman: Where is the Is it Cake Finalist Now?

Thanks to his highly impressive skills as a baker, Timmy Norman was able to leave an impact on those who watched the third season of Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?‘ The series gave him a chance to create hyper-realistic cakes that easily wowed all those who either watched or tasted them. In fact, Timmy was able to use his talent to pave a path til the final round of the competition for himself and earned much praise along the way.

Timmy Norman Brought Life to His Cakes on the Show

Timmy Norman was one of the eight participants who appeared in the third season of the Netflix series. Eager to showcase his skills as a baker and artist, he gave the competition his all to ensure that he was able to take home as many accolades as possible, though the task was certainly a tough one. While he was one of the four contestants to bake in episode 1, he ended up losing the challenge as his cake was identified as a decoy by the judges, though he did save himself from elimination.

Image Credit: Adam Rose/Netflix

The next time Tommy baked in the show was during episode 4, when four of the participants had to participate in groups of two. As Raina Washington had won the Find That Cake round, she got the first chance to pick a teammate and was delighted to partner with Timmy. Unfortunately, the duo’s work together was not enough to fool the judges, who were able to identify their work. Hence, both of their cakes were tasted to decide who would be eliminated, and Timmy was narrowly able to escape eviction.

Determined to prove his skills as an artist, Timmy was finally able to fool the judges during his third time in the baking round in episode 5. However, he ended up losing the battle for taste against Henderson Gonzalez. That said, he did secure a place for himself in the semi-finals. Episode 7 focused on all the semi-finalists, where Timmy was able to give an impressive performance that ensured that he was one of the three bakers whose works passed with flying colors in front of the judges, landing him in the finals. In fact, he was declared the winning baker of the episode and ended up winning $5,000, having lost the Cake or Cash round.

For the finale episode, Timmy ended up winning the Find That Cake round, which meant that he got to choose who he wanted to assist him with his biggest challenge yet. Timmy decided to work alongside Caitlin Taylor to make a cake that paid homage to the His family. For the challenge, Timmy chose to replicate the hand pump in his family home. Unfortunately, the creation did not fool the judges, who were able to identify the cakes for all three finalists. As such, it all came down to taste, with Henderson ultimately taking home the title of victor.

Timmy Norman is Now a Proud Father

Fans of Timmy Norman would certainly be happy to learn that the Netflix show was far from the first time that he took part in a reality TV show. As it turns out, he has previously appeared in shows like ‘Food Network Challenge,’ ‘Big Time Bake,’ and ‘The Big Bake,’ even claiming a victory during his appearance in the latter show. Presently, he serves as the proud owner of Cakebuds Bakery, a company that not only offers specially designed baked treats but also provides classes to those interested in the delicate art of waking.

The store for Cakebuds Bakery offers both baked items and ice cream, much to the delight of its customers. The shop is located in Johnson City, Tennessee, the city that Timmy is proud to call home. He certainly enjoys his work as a Cake Architect and enjoys creating hyper-realistic cakes that easily dazzle the world. In fact, he often shares pictures and videos of his creations on social media for his fans.

While Timmy seems to prefer to keep the details of his personal life private for the most part, he does take pride in being a Father. When not baking or spending time with his family, Timmy likes to go on runs. He also takes delight in creating new connections, especially with people who are also part of the baking world. This has allowed him to gain much support from equally passionate people, many of whom have openly expressed their happiness over the fact that Timmy was a part of ‘Is it Cake?’

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