Julie McAllister: The Is it Cake Contestant is Also a Business Owner

Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?‘ has successfully combined the wonders of reality TV with the viral trend of hyper-realistic cake in a way that we cannot help but feel fascinated by. In the recently released season 3 of the series, viewers are introduced to various talented bakers who were quickly able to gain love for themselves thanks to their skills. This includes Julie McAllister, whose on-screen journey was nothing short of praiseworthy, allowing her to gain interest from people across the world.

Julie McAllister’s Efforts Allowed Her to Impress Many on the Show

The first time viewers got to see Julie show off her baking skills was in the second episode of the third season of the Netflix series. She was able to win the Find that Cake round, which allowed her to choose what she wanted to make in the next round. Hence, she gave it her all to ensure that her hyper-realistic cake would be able to deceive the judges. Indeed, Julie was successful in her mission and was actually the only one among the four who baked that day.

After winning the Is it Cake round, Julie went on to compete in the Cake or Cash round, which allowed her to ultimately convert her initial winnings of $5,000 into $10,000. Due to her status as a winning baker, she also got to go head-to-head against Jujhar Mann in the next episode. To the delight of many, both bakers were actually able to trick the judges with their cakes, which meant that the ultimate winner was to be decided based on a taste test. Ultimately, it was Jujhar who claimed victory that day.

Julie’s impressive performance just before the semi-finals also meant that she had secured a place for herself in the penultimate round of the competition. Showcasing just how sharp her eyes are, Julie was able to win the Find That Cake round, allowing her, once again, to choose first what she wanted to bake. Unfortunately for Julie, she was not successful in deceiving the judges this time around. As three other bakers had indeed succeeded in the task, Julie’s journey on the show ended as a semi-finalist.

Where is Julie McAllister Now?

As one might expect from a talented baker like her, Julie Mallister is doing quite well as a baker. The reality TV star has actually appeared in other shows like ‘Holiday Wars’ season 4 and ‘Create TV Cooking Challenge,’ even winning the latter. Presently, she is the owner of the brand called Julie McAllister Cakes, through which she has had the honor of working alongside names like Reese Witherspoon, Garden and Gun magazine, and King Bean Coffee.

Now living in Charleston, North Carolina, Julie’s work has been praised by many and has even been highlighted in HGTV Magazine, Entertain and Celebrate, Southern Lady, and SKIRT. Additionally, she has made various tutorials related to cake decoration in collaboration with American Cake Decorating Magazine. The baker is also in the habit of sharing glimpses of her work on social media, which serves to highlight how creatively she can mold cakes into objects that you might never suspect.

Due to her skills as a cake decorator, Julie is most well-known for her skills with custom illusion cakes. Whether you might want a cake to celebrate your brand, your marriage, or any special event, the bakers seem to have a way of converting one’s creative vision into a reality. Having made a name for herself in the world of cake decorating, her presence in the Netflix show has been welcomed by many, especially those close to Julie.

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