Ramon Jordana: Where is Georgina Rodriguez’s Publicist Now?

As a reality lifestyle series that lives up to its title in every way imaginable, Netflix’s ‘I Am Georgina’ can only be described as equal parts emotional, intimate, lighthearted, romantic, and uplifting. That’s because it features all those closest to Georgina Rodriguez to really shine a light upon how she is so much more than merely Cristiano Ronaldo’s life partner as well as his baby mama. Amongst those to thus help navigate the same in season 2 was the influencer’s proud publicist Ramon Jordana — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Ramon Jordana?

It was reportedly back in the early 2000s when Spaniard Ramon stepped into the world of entertainment as an Event Director for Paradis Empresa, just to soon end up rising the corporate ladder. The truth is he was only in his late teens at the time, yet his skills and passion were to such an extent he was able to handle the creative, commercial direction of every kind of event conceivable. Though he then moved on to the position of Junior Account Executive at Humana, where he was responsible for client-business relationships, product design, as well as marketing strategies.

Ramon actually took complete advantage of this 4+ years’ worth of work experience in 2006 by enrolling at the Ramon Llull University for a degree in the field he had carefully picked for himself. He hence graduated with specializations in Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations in 2011, by which point he was already a Community Manager for Dr. Ballesta’s Laparoscopic Center. However, his true rise to success commenced just when he joined Uno Models in February 2013, especially as he gradually made his way to become the Special Bookings Department’s Head.

As an Uno executive, Ramon sincerely served as an agent-publicist to both national and international characters, meaning he essentially handled their development into their dream public careers. In fact, that’s how he initially came across Georgina Rodriguez towards the late 2010s, only to end up building such an incredible rapport with her she began regarding him more like a family member. Therefore, of course, when he parted ways with Uno to launch his own talent agency, Angels Project, in early 2022, the businesswoman followed so as to ensure he continued representing her.

Where is Ramon Jordana Now?

While the Netflix original production made it perfectly clear running Angels Project has been challenging for Ramon in every way, shape, and form, he remains its proud owner-operator to this day. After all, it’s a company he kickstarted with the help of nothing but his sheer hard work, just for Georgina as well as his other personalities to take it global thanks to their astounding fan following. The sole thing is the agent-publicist sometimes has trouble communicating if he’s stressed, yet he’s actively working on improving the same no matter how challenging the environment may be.

In other words, Ramon is still an active, creative, honest, organized, perseverant, and positive “Being, Publicist, Special Agent” — one who helms Angels Project to the best of his abilities. As for his personal standing, from what we can tell through his social media platforms, he primarily resides in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, where he’s surrounded by a myriad of loved ones. In short, he’s an adventurer, a family man, a hard worker, a travel enthusiast, and a business founder who has even found himself in Forbes’ 2023 list of The 50 Most Stylish Entrepreneurs. Plus, Georgina continues to be one of his leading international personalities as well as a close friend.

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