Re-Education of Molly Singer: All Shooting Sites Explored

With Andy Palmer at the helm, ‘Re-Education of Molly Singer’ is a 2023 comedy movie that follows Molly Singer, a young and immature lawyer who is about to lose her job for her carelessness. Her boss presents her with an unusual assignment to save her career, to bring her freshman son, Sully, out of his shell by going back to university while being paid for it. The offer sounds too good to be true for Molly, as she had been the president of her sorority and was popular there. She enlists the help of her old friend, Ollie, and begins to get closer to Sully. However, as Sully is bullied and romantically shunned, she learns that her assignment will not be as effortless as she had expected.

The film presents the exciting adventures of the unlikely introvert-extrovert duo as they party their way through youthful struggles and explorations. The degree to which Molly pushes Sully in their forays of student life borders on sabotaging his future, as well as hers. Following their escapades around the university, house parties, and clubs, one may ponder where exactly the comedy was filmed.

Re-Education of Molly Singer Filming Locations

‘Re-Education of Molly Singer’ was filmed entirely within the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, Georgia. Principal photography began on July 5, 2021, and was wrapped up by August 16 of the same year. Many of the cast members took to social media to reveal that they had as much of a fun time behind the scenes of the film as their characters did. “This was such a fun project to be a part of coz I was given carte blanche to be the biggest idiot on screen. Also such a departure from what I usually play because my character is…a top.” wrote actor Nico Santos in the caption of an image he posted on social media. Allow us to take you to the filming sites seen in the movie.

Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia

Filming for ‘Re-Education of Molly Singer’ was comprehensively carried out within Metro Atlanta. Shooting was done on location, as well as with studio support. The Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw stood in for Barnett University attended by the characters of the film. We can spot various landmarks of the institution throughout the movie, including its Carmichael Student Center at 395 Cobb Avenue. The university is known to periodically rent out its campuses for filming during the summer and has also seen the shooting of ‘Kobra Kai’ on the Marietta campus.

Locals and students were hired as supporting cast members for the film, standing in for students and alumni of Barnett University for the large part. A suburb city northwest of Atlanta, Kennesaw is known for its historical sites and forested hilly landscapes. The city’s vibrant neighborhoods and recreational spaces provide a diverse range of filming locations, from bustling house parties in residential areas to spirited gatherings in local bars and entertainment districts. Kennesaw’s quaint surroundings, coupled with its proximity to Atlanta’s thriving film industry, has led to the city housing films like, ‘Footloose,’ ‘Bad Trip,’ and ‘Million Dollar Arm.’

The cityscape of Atlanta features prominently in ‘Re-Education of Molly Singer,’ especially with the narrative leading up to Molly’s re-entry into Barnett University. Atlanta’s metropolitan sprawl of skyscrapers interspersed with verdant expanses can be seen in establishing shots of the movie. Filming was done at a time when COVID-19 restrictions had recently been lifted, resulting in a high volume of films being shot in Atlanta.

Director Palmer found himself in a chaotic situation as crew members would be picked up by larger productions in the area, but managed to have a wildly entertaining time on set. “It was by far the most fun set I have ever been on,” said Palmer in an interview. “Once the cameras started rolling, we were just having fun. My script supervisor Annie would punch me because they (actors) would say something and I would laugh, and almost blow the take.”

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