10 Best Party Movies on Netflix Right Now

“Party” is no ordinary word; it probably has more energy, feel and nostalgia to it than most other words in the English language. Every time we say the word, we don’t put it forward blandly but we emphasize on the feel of the “Paartttaaayyy” and we do that for a reason. When you’re about to invite a group of friends over for a party, then you’re surely not planning to play Scrabble all night. You need to add more value to the gathering so that justice is served to the true meaning of the word. What you would need is something more entertaining and engaging that’ll fire up your guests and make them remember your party long after they leave. There’s no better way of doing this than playing party movies.

Now you can either just play these movies in the background while everyone’s busy socializing or you could just sit and watch a whole movie together. Whatever suits you. But a good party movie keeps the conversations and booze flowing while everyone has a good time. And there’s no better way of playing a party movie at the comfort of your own house than playing it on Netflix. So load up your snacks, fill up those glasses and get ready for a night you will not forget. Here’s the list of really good party movies on Netflix that are available to stream right now.

10. Alex Strangelove (2018)

This Netflix original film revolves around the eponymous central character who has been waiting for a long time to find an opportunity to have sex with his girlfriend Claire. However, things get a bit too complicated for him when Alex comes across a guy called Elliot at a party. Now, Elliot is openly gay and has a crush on Alex. The problem is that Alex now finds himself thinking about Elliot more than Claire. This makes him sit back and question his own self. Alex cannot believe that he is feeling a strong attraction to a man all of a sudden. The film is a rather refreshing look at sexual orientations and the confusion that we might have about them. It helps us understand the concept of gender fluidity while itself being extremely sweet and funny.

9. The Kissing Booth (2018)

A Netflix original romantic comedy, ‘The Kissing Booth’ centers around the story of a girl called Elle Evans (Joey King) who has come up with a unique plan for her high school Spring Carnival. She has decided to set up a kissing booth, which is rather exciting for her because she has never been kissed before. However, her booth leads her to get into a kiss with Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi), who has always been her crush. The major problem which Elle faces now is that Noah is actually the brother of one of her best friends, Lee, and Elle had made a promise to the latter that she would never get involved with the members of her friend’s family. Now Elle has two paths in front of her- forget about Noah for the sake of friendship, or pursue her romantic interest while trying to make her best friend understand her situation. The film has nothing much to offer in terms of its plot and characters, but it is a sweet story which can be enjoyed on one lazy afternoon.

8. The After Party (2018)

‘The After Party’ is the story of a struggling rapper who’s trying hard to make it big. But he ends up getting infamous for all the wrong reasons. Hope is restored when his best friend gets him tickets to a high-class NYC party where he gets the opportunity of a lifetime to either make it as the rapper he dreams to be or break it and live the rest of his life drowned in regret. This movie will give you some lighthearted laughs and a small dash of motivation as well.

7. Holidate (2020)

Directed by John Whitesell, ‘Holidate’ is a romantic comedy movie written by Tiffany Paulsen. The Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey-starrer focus on Sloane and Jackson, two random strangers who meet on one another at a store return counter unbeknownst to what life had in store for them. The duo has had a troubled dating life, and their families had only made matters worse by their constant meddling. So, Sloane and Jackson decide to make a pact that they will spend their holidays together as a couple just so their lives are tolerable. However, they underestimate the emotional consequences of their casual affair.

6. When We First Met (2018)

Starring Adam DeVine, Alexandra Daddario, Shelley Hennig, and Andrew Bachelor, ‘When We First Met’ is a romantic comedy film written by John Whittington. The Ari Sandel directorial follows Noah Ashby, a young adult who meets the girl of his dreams at a Halloween party. Unfortunately, despite his interest, the two end up staying just as friends after spending the night together. But for some mysterious reason, Noah is able to travel back in time and relive those moments until he can manage to change his fate and end his dream night on a perfect note.

5. Afterlife of the Party (2021)

Written by Carrie Freedle, ‘Afterlife of the Party’ is a supernatural comedy film that features Victoria Justice, Midori Francis, Timothy Renouf, and Adam Garcia. The movie is directed by Stephen Herek, and it focuses on Cassie, an extrovert party animal who loves to go out and spend time with her loved ones. Sadly, her life is cut short when she dies in an unexpected accident, following which she gets another opportunity to fix his life mistakes. If she manages to right her wrongs, Cassie can even earn wings in the afterlife and lead a peaceful in paradise.

4. He’s All That (2021)

Directed by Mark Waters, ‘He’s All That’ is a teen romantic comedy movie written by R. Lee Fleming Jr. It centers upon a high school TikToker named Padgett Sawyer, who lives a double life to make her online followers and sponsors happy. Sadly, when she is dumped by her boyfriend Jordan Van Draanen, her outburst is posted online, following which her popularity dwindles significantly. In her moments of uncertainty, she takes on the daring task of making her a rather unpopular classmate, Cameron Kweller, a prom king.

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3. Ibiza (2018)

Featuring stand-out performances by Gillian Jacobs, Vanessa Bayer, Phoebe Robinson, and Michaela Watkins, ‘Ibiza’ is a romantic comedy film directed by Alex Richanbach. The movie focuses on Harper, a hard-working woman employed by a PR firm, who is increasingly getting weary of her New York life and is looking for some much-needed change. Therefore, when she gets an opportunity to go on a business trip to Barcelona, Harper does not fail to use the opportunity to relax and give her some time. However, she has probably not imagined in her wildest dreams that the short trip will lead to an unexpected meeting with a famous DJ, which will soon take a flirtatious tone.

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2. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018)

‘Sierra Burgess Is a Loser’ is a teen comedy-drama film inspired by Edmond Rostand’s 1897 play ‘Cyrano de Bergerac.’ The Shannon Purser and Kristine Froseth-starrer revolves around an intelligent high schooler named Sierra, who is accidentally contacted by a handsome football player from the school’s team. Instead of clarifying things, the titular protagonist uses it as an opportunity to win his heart after convincing her best friend.

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1. Let It Snow (2019)

Directed and co-written by Luke Snellin, ‘Let It Snow’ is a Christmas comedy movie based on Maureen Johnson’s young adult novel of the same name. The film revolves around a group of young high schoolers who are brought together because of a snowstorm. But despite the bad weather, the people of the small midwestern town do not let it ruin the mood of Christmas eve and join hands to make things work. The sudden turn of events also affects the love lives of these teenagers in unthinkable ways, and by the following morning, their lives are all set to change.

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