Reggie Barnes: WTSD Superintendent is a Public Speaker Now

Devising strategies that seep through botched systems, ‘LaLee’s Kin: The Legacy of Cotton’ follows the story of a group of people with impoverished lives. The HBO documentary chronicles the lives of the Wallace clan, a family riddled with problems of poverty and illiteracy. Released in 2001, the movie is helmed by Deborah Dickson, Susan Froemke, and Albert Maysles. With a matriarch trying to make ends meet post her prime and an educationalist invoking change, the documentary focuses on several sensitive themes. Years since it first came on air, fans have continued to wonder more about Reggie Barnes, the superintendent of the local schools.

Who is Reggie Barnes?

Trying to cater to a problem that has festered over the years, Reggie Barnes was one of the pivotal characters in the HBO documentary. Whereas LaLee Wallace and her family were bearing the burgeoning effects of a century-old practice and its consequent determined effects, Reggie was trying to undo the consequences of the same. Based in Mississippi, Delta, Reggie Barnes was the superintendent of the West Tallahatchie School System. With abysmal conditions that made illiteracy synonymous with the time, Reggie’s biggest concern was trying to bring children into schools.

The matter became time-sensitive since consistently poor standardized test results had put the schools in West Tallahatchie on probation. In contrast to the conditions that made departing quality education swift, Reggie tried to do everything in his power to improve the test results. Having graduated high school, Reggie was one of the first African-American students to attend Delta State University. He was overcome by the condition of education. He was also concerned by the quality of education that was imparted and the lack of children in the classroom.

Naturally, he decided to enter into the industry. Reggie primarily returned to his alma mater and served as Dean of Students. For a while, he was also the principal at Cleveland High School. Finally, the movie personality decided to contribute to the education industry in a more consequential way. To this end, he was eventually elected the superintendent of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi schools.

However, despite his best efforts, several issues always remained. While some parents didn’t send their kids to school, some faced other issues as well. For example, LaLee’s grandchild, Gregory Redman Wallace, didn’t even have access to ample paper and pen in order to jot down notes at school. With crucial educational years lost to poverty and household troubles, the circumstances of the area proved to be a considerable challenge for the superintendent. However, he still managed to turn things around.

In lieu of the hopeless conditions that he’d come to, Reggie was still able to incorporate change into the lives of the people. Not only was he able to bring back children to school, but he also created a holistic system for teachers to function in. Despite the lack of funding and roadblocks every step of the way, Reggie remains undeterred to fix the problem. Naturally, many wonder where is the star of the documentary these days.

Where is Reggie Barnes Now?

Reggie has been working tirelessly to serve the community and ensure a better future for African Americans. Shortly after the documentary came to an end, the Greenville native decided to pursue new challenges. After restoring structure and routine to the schools in Tallahatchie County, Reggie decided to move on to another position. From there on, Reggie was elected as the Superintendent of Schools in Bolivar County, Mississippi. For years, he continued to highlight the inherent vitality of education by bringing changes to the system and ensuring children attended school.

Ultimately, Reggie’s retirement age came to the fore. In March 2004, after decades of contribution to education and the betterment of school systems, the School Superintendent finally retired. However, his retirement from duty did not mean that Reggie stopped sharing his dreams of enhancing education. Eventually, the star decided to establish his consulting group called Excellent Group LLC. In addition to operating a flourishing consulting firm, Reggie also went on to become a speaker.

Over the years, Reggie has repeatedly spoken at public events to raise awareness about the issues that matter most to him. On the personal front, the star enjoys equal bliss with his family. While the beloved personality has come to accrue renown for his contribution to society, he largely remains absent from social media, leaving fans few chances to express their fascination with his work. Nevertheless, we continue to look forward to all the achievements and milestones Reggie will achieve in the future.

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