What is Rick Kirkham’s Net Worth?

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King‘ helped turn the spotlight on the notoriously eccentric Joe Exotic. At the same time, it also brought other people to the limelight. For example, Rick Kirkham worked with Exotic, trying to make a documentary. However, his plans went up in flames (literally) when the studio where the footage was kept caught fire. Arson was investigated, and there has been no conclusion to the case to date.

Since appearing on ‘Tiger King,’ Rick has enjoyed public attention as well. He’s gone on to appear in several interviews and is attached to other shows trying to make the most of the popularity ‘Tiger King’ received. Naturally, you might be wondering how much Rick Kirkham is worth. We have got you covered.

How Did Rick Kirkham Make His Money?

While Rick might have gained unprecedented recognition from ‘Tiger King,’ he has been a journalist for quite a while. Having started at an early age, Rick was a valued part of Inside Edition for a long time. He also managed to film hours of footage, which was then turned into ‘TV Junkie,’ the documentary. Notably, Rick is somewhat closeted about his personal life, but he has had quite a prosperous professional career.

Rick’s IMDb page states that he’s attached as a camera operator to ‘The Frozen Theater,’ a documentary currently in its post-production stages. While he has already appeared on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ in 2007, long before ‘Tiger King,’ Kirkham has taken the opportunity to improve his public profile after Netflix’s docuseries went viral.

He has recently been part of a Dplay documentary called ‘Surviving Joe Exotic.’ As you know, Dplay is a part of the Discovery Channel group, and Kirkham’s involvement has been financially beneficial to the journalist. Kirkham can also be seen in Investigation Discovery’s ‘Nine at 9,’ a true-crime series where he spills the beans about Joe Exotic. Rick also hosted a two-hour live pay chat where fans could ask him about his experiences with Joe, while Rick showed some unseen footage. In the US, it cost somewhere between $3.99 to $4.99 to join the chat. Understandably, the popularity of ‘Tiger King’ helped Rick’s program become a success.

Rick currently works as a freelance reporter and has Bodo Nu listed as one of his employers. He also has RealReels Productions and Consulting listed as part of his work profile.

Rick Kirkham’s Net Worth in 2020:

Not only is Rick working, but he has seen an uptake in his professional engagements since ‘Tiger King’ released. Therefore, ick Kirkham’s net worth, as of 2020, has been estimated to be close to $3 million. Naturally, with the public attention he has gained, we can expect more interviews, talk shows, or even podcasts, which are interested in knowing Rick’s opinion on Joe Exotic. After all, as the documentary maker, he had his camera rolling at all times and is privy to a fair amount of information. Rick’s finances have a good chance of improving further in the future.

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