Ro Hong-chul: Where is Zombieverse Participant Now?

Netflix’s ‘Zombieverse‘ is a Korean reality series created by Park Jin-kyung that puts its participants through their paces as they try to survive in a world infested with zombies. While the premise of the show itself is intriguing enough to keep you hooked, what truly sells it is its highly entertaining cast. Consider Ro Hong-chul (AKA Noh Hong-chul), whose performance throughout the series made viewers highly unsure whether or not they wanted to root for him. If you are curious about where he is these days, worry not because we have your back!

Ro Hong-chul’s Zombieverse Journey

As the zombie apocalypse began in the show, Ro Hong-chul somehow ended up establishing himself as the guy who would do anything to run away from danger, even if it meant leaving others behind. Whether it was trying to get out of doing much-needed tasks or ignoring others in favor of his own survival, his actions certainly created a strong impression on others. That is not to say that he would not help out others or not do as asked, but his own survival instincts often ended up in him making questionable decisions.

One particular incident ended up having a long-term impact on the journey of the cast members of ‘Zombieverse’ took place in the parking lot outside the supermarket. After analyzing the whole situation, the survivors realized that they had keys to a small truck that would be ideal for them to escape, but its path was blocked by a few vehicles. This meant that someone had to go and use the forklift to remove the obstacles.

While Park Na-rae stated that she kind of knew how to drive a forklift, her leg injury prevented her from actually operating the vehicle. Hence it was decided that she and Ro would go to the forklift and use it while others would try to block the zombies. However, when the plan fell into shambles and the zombies attacked the ones in the forklift, Ro tried to run away while pushing Park directly into the crowd of zombies. Whether or not he meant to do so remained a point of the debate, though the end result was that both Park and Kkwachu Hyung had gotten scratched by the zombies and had begun their transformation into the undead as well.

As the group made its way further, Park could not help but crack some jokes at the expense of the scratched duo, which immensely irked Park as she believed that he was at fault for her getting infected. His behavior also meant that the other members did not think he would be a good leader for the group. Later on, when the survivors ended up finding shelter in a remote village and got some rest and good food, they soon found themselves stuck in a trap.

Ro and Patricia Yiombi certainly were in a highly terrifying situation as the leader of the village had tied them just out of reach of his zombified mother to become her inevitable meal. However, the duo ended up escaping and soon met back with the rest of the gang. As the journey progressed, Ro tried to learn as many useful skills as possible, though Park’s resentment for him only seemed to grow. This was primarily as Ro, along with DinDin (AKA Lim Cheol), was one of the more vocal voices for possibly leaving the infected behind.

Things came to a head during the final moments of the whole saga when the cast members locked themselves in different cabins of a Ferris Wheel. At this point, Park and Hyung realized that they would likely turn into zombies very soon, and while they were happy to help those who had become their friends, Park did want revenge against those who had irked her the most. Ultimately, she locked herself in a cabin with Ro, blocked his escape, and infected him off-screen after turning into a zombie. However, after the final five survivors escaped into the ocean, we are shown events of one year after where Ro seemingly made a place for himself as a cool leader of the undead.

Ro Hong-chul Continues  to Create Milestones in the Entertainment Industry

A celebrated artist who has been a part of many well-known projects, including a cameo in Psy’s famous song “Gangnam Style,” Ro Hong-chul has no shortage of fans. In fact, as of writing, he has over 457K Instagram followers and more than 329K YouTube subscribers. At present, the artist serves as the host of ‘Shopping Cart Savior’ and ‘Where Is My Home.’ He was recently also seen in the same position for ‘Spectator +: Short Buster’ and ‘Sleep.’ Recently he was also nominated for the 2022 Asian Academy Creative Award for being Best Entertainment Host. Ro also has his own ice cream business called Hongcheol Chaekppang, which has outlets in the South Korean cities of Seoul and Gimhae-si.

In February 2023, Ro was seen getting injured in a motorcycle accident while in a YouTube video posted by Pani Bottle, though he soon assured his fans that he was doing well. Indeed the reality TV star actually has quite a taste for traveling, having recently visited various US states like California, Arizona, Florida, and Hawaii. In the past few months, he has also been to Switzerland, the UK, Vietnam, and Japan.

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