Rob Pitts “Rabbit” From Tex Mex Motors: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Rob Pitts “Rabbit”/Instagram

Any business is perhaps as good as its sales ability. In Netflix’s ‘Tex Mex Motors,’ we get to see this become a reality as Rob “Rabbit” Pitts uses every skill in his arsenal to bring in the big bucks for his team of six. Though there are certainly some hiccups along the way, his working style is one of the focal points of the reality series, and the knowledge shared by him when it comes to cars is enough to make any car lover a fan of him. For those interested in learning more about the sales guru, here is everything that we know about him!

Rob “Rabbit” Pitts’ Background

Having been born sometime around 1999, Rabbit has been interested in cars from a very young age. “I was #C4 since 84. Single wide trailer, my bedroom was the size of a closet (not a walk-in one) …Rockin’ my #corvette poster on the wall,” he stated in the caption of one of his Instagram posts sharing a picture of his younger self. The Netflix star grew up with a great connection to his mother and continues to hold her in high regard.

To express his affection for his mother, Rabbit often shares pictures of her on his social media. In turn, his mother seems to be one of his biggest supporters. Unfortunately, Rabbit’s father passed away in April 2021, and it is a loss that he continues to grieve. When not working hard, Rabbit likes to spend time with his cat, Webster. As of writing, he is based in Taylors, South Carolina.

Rob “Rabbit” Pitts’ Profession

Over the course of his career, Rabbit has been a part of many automobile ventures. Since July 2007, he has been the CEO and Owner of Pitts Truck Service. The company’s expertise with trucks has made it quite respectable in and around Greenville, South Carolina. Rabbit himself is also involved in the sales of restored classic cars, as seen in the Netflix series. He has a vast network of sellers, clients, and car restorers with whom he works to give people what they need and create a profit for himself in the process.

Taking advantage of his enviable knowledge of cars and everything related to them, Rabbit created a YouTube channel on January 3, 2018, where he posts videos about automobiles. Whether meeting up with against from the industry or talking about the recent developments in the world of classic cars, Rabbit’s content is often relevant to his fans. His videos often serve as vast sources of knowledge and entertainment for viewers. As of writing, he has more than 125 thousand YouTube subscribers, while his Instagram following is north of 41 thousand.

Is Rob “Rabbit” Pitts Dating Anyone?

As of writing, it does not seem like Rabbit is dating anyone. The Netflix star is very invested in the world of automobiles and the environment he has created for himself. His work has undoubtedly helped him earn a favorable reputation among those interested in classic cars. However, if the sales guru is indeed in a relationship, he has not made the details public.

That being said, Rabbit continues to dominate the world of classic car sales. In fact, his work in ‘Tex Mex Motors’ only proves his skills and knowledge in car restoration. We wish him and his loved ones the very best in life and hope that Rabbit continues to achieve even more success in his chosen field of work.

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