Where Are Rocco Siffredi’s Wife and Kids Now?

Image Credit: Rozsa Tassi/Instagram

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that pornographic actor, director, and producer Rocco Antonio Tano, aka Rocco Siffredi, is known as the Italian Stallion for a reason. This much is actually even evidenced in Netflix’s ‘Supersex,’ a biographical drama underscoring precisely how he evolved from a regular man with humble beginnings to the world’s greatest adult star. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about those to have arguably been impacted by his career the most — his loving wife as well as his children — we’ve got the details for you.

Who Are Rocco Siffredi’s Wife and Kids?

It was reportedly back in 1993 when Rocco came across Rosa Caracciolo (born Rózsa Tassi) for the first time in Cannes, France, only for them to soon fall utterly head over heels in love. The truth is he’d already established himself in the entertainment industry by this point while she was just beginning to stand on her own two feet as a 21-year-old Miss Hungary turned model-actress. However, their connection was such that they could genuinely conquer any issues that came their way, whether related to their professional lives, their significant 8-year age gap, or more.

Rocco and Rosa, thus of course, decided to tie the knot shortly after, only to then settle down in wondrous Rome, Italy, before welcoming two adorably beautiful kids into their happy world. Lorenzo Tano was actually born on April 16, 1996, followed by Leonardo Tano on October 5, 1999, leading their mother to slow her career down with 18 adult movies and six feature films already under her belt. These included her filmed performances alongside her husband too, including ‘Tarzan X – The Shame of Jane’ plus ‘Guardaspalle,’ which was later re-released with the title ‘The Bodyguard.’

But alas, according to Rocco’s own accounts over the years, his marriage with Rosa wasn’t always sunshine and roses owing to his own sex addiction despite her understanding nature. The prime example of this is the fact he’d initially retired as a porn star in 2004 with the intent of spending more time with family, but he often ended up disappearing for days on end to get intimate with men, seniors, trans women, and women alike — he couldn’t stop. Hence came his decision to return to on-screen performances in 2009, just for his wife to be supportingly nonchalant since she knew it could help not only him but also them as a whole in the long run.

“I spoke with my wife and she said it’s my problem, it doesn’t belong to her and the boys,” Rocco revealed. “She said, ‘You decided to stop; we never asked you. So if you want to go back, just go back’.” Nevertheless, following six more years of intensive/invasive shoots, world travels, as well as time away from home, he again chose to retire so as not to take advantage of Rosa and lose her for good. In 2015, he’d apparently even told a close friend, “I never felt so naked as I did [while filming ‘The Celebrity Island’ local reality series]. I was all alone, and it gave me a lot of time to think about what is important. And I realized I don’t want to lose my wife.”

Rocco actually reiterated similar sentiments in his statements to the press that year, expressing, “Today I can see, my wife, she is the top priority. She deserves to have what she wanted from day one, to be with only me without sharing with other girls.” He also revealed he’d “started to get uncomfortable in front of the camera” around a year prior, as if something inside of him had changed — yet, he continued performing in various films plus his own series, that is, until his last one in 2022. As for Rosa, she has always maintained, “I know him very well, and I love him for who and what he is. Let’s see what the new [retired] version of him will be like.”

Rocco Siffredi’s Wife and Kids Are Thriving in Every Sense

From what we can tell, Rocco and Rosa now split their time between Rome and Budapest, where they’re surrounded by their love as well as the affectionate care of their two adult sons at nearly every step of the way. It also turns out they’re all apparently well-known in the area and considered among the high society owing to the rather dignified way they’ve carried themselves over the years. Their household’s primary means of income may have been a bit scandalous, but they are not — the couple’s union is filled to the brim with understanding, open communication, loving-kindness, plus guileless efforts, and their sons have seemingly embodied all that they are.

Coming to the Tano kids, in particular, it appears as if while Lorenzo currently serves as a Video Producer at his own firm and the Founder at TANOX LTX alongside his father, Leonardo is a model who is also pursuing a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at the moment. The former tech professional and digital creator’s sole aim seems to be to revolutionize the way people connect in order to promote creative freedom for all, and he hopes to achieve this while having his long-term partner Lucrezia Lando right by his side.

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