RollinGreens on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

ABC’s reality series ‘Shark Tank‘ gives budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to land themselves a spot with the big leagues by having them present their product in front of some of the biggest names in today’s business world. These individuals or “Sharks” then weigh the pros and cons of investing their money in the people and the company in front of them, and if they like what they see, then the company gets a much-needed deal. Although even if they walk away empty-handed, their product is shown to millions of potential customers on TV, so technically, it’s a win-win situation for them.

Season 11, Episode 24 of the show introduced us to four such hopeful companies, and one of them was RollinGreens. Here is all you need to know about the company and its products.

RollinGreens: Who Are They?

Ryan Cunningham and his wife, Lindsey, decided to open an organic food truck business after he worked as a professional chef for more than ten years. Unknowingly, they had resurrected the Cunningham family business that was owned and operated by Ryan’s parents in the 1980s before he was born. They kept the original name of RollinGreens and aimed to provide completely organic yet tasty food to their consumers.

For five years, the company worked as a successful food truck business and catering service that served primarily Asian-Mexican fusion food made from local ingredients. And in 2015, they changed their ways and launched their packed food line. All the products in their food line are vegan and plant-based that can be consumed by everyone.

RollinGreens: What Do They Do?

RollinGreens provides packed food like Crispy Cauliflower Wings and Millet Tots that are not only nutritious and healthy but also super tasty. Their products are designed in such a way that it can be consumed by people with dietary restrictions as well. It is organic, vegan, allergen-free, and rich in vitamins. RollinGreens also have the advantage of monopoly with their Millet Tots; they are the only company that sells a non-potato, whole-grain tot in the entire market.

If you’re worried about taste or blandness, well, you don’t need to because their products come in a few different flavors. While their Cauliflower Wings have the option of Teriyaki, Spicy, and Sweet Mustard, their Millet Tots care available in Onion & Sea Salt, Basil & Garlic, and Sweet Potato & Poblano Chili. You can find all these products at either independent stores or in supermarkets like Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and Sprouts.

One of the most amazing things about the company, though, is that they never miss an opportunity to give back. Ryan and Lindsey have always shown support for their local farmers market and have done much more for their community. In 2013, after the Colorado floods had caused major damage, they cooked and distributed meals for those in need in the Boulder area. They have also donated food and personal items for fundraisers and non-profit organizations that work towards bettering society as a whole.

Their website has a complete list of their products and community outreach work. The company makes sure to promote their products along with the benefits of healthy eating on their Instagram and Twitter pages to spread awareness about its importance. They also sporadically upload different recipes and blogs throughout, so make sure to check them out.

Watch their complete story below:

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