Rome in Love: Cast and Filming Locations

‘Rome in Love’ follows an aspiring actress named Amelia, who gets her golden ticket to fame in the remake of the Audrey Hepburn classic, ‘Roman Holiday.’ The more than excited actress is asked by her director to spend some time with an American reporter named Philip. Writing for the English department of an Italian Magazine, he has more than his fair share of struggles when it comes to being a writer. The film is also based on the book, ‘Rome in Love’ by Anita Hughes. The film in essence draws inspiration from several sources to tell its unique story. 

In any case, as the two come together, love and determination soon follow suit. The film is not just a romantic film but also a feel-good movie that addresses the many stumbling blocks in one’s life through familiar tropes. 

Rome in Love Filming Locations 

‘Rome in Love,’ true to its name, is filmed quite extensively in Rome. The cultural and aesthetic value of the old city provides the film much of its unique feels. 

Rome, Italy 

The Hallmark film’s shooting in Italy took around 5 weeks. The unique city, whose rich history goes far back in time, was used as the backdrop for both Amelia and Philip to meet. From the streets to monumental architectures of Rome, the film captures in passing the ambiance of the city, which lends a philosophical aspect to romance. 

Italia Ricci, who plays the role of Amelia, said in an interview, “… it was so lovely to spend five weeks in Rome getting to love and play so much joy and happiness and have fun…It felt like I was on my own vacation filming this movie. I was so lucky to be part of it.” Thus, it seems like the shooting of the film was a fun process for the cast and crew. 

Hotel Hassler Roma, the hotel where Audrey Hepburn stayed, is also featured in the film. Although this is not surprising considering the fact that Amelia is a remake of ‘Roman Holiday,’ it is still a cinematic reference that holds much value. Thus, the film genuinely uses the picturesque city to its advantage. 

Rome in Love Cast 

Italia Ricci, stars as Amelia, in the film. She is perhaps best known for her role in ‘Designated Survivor.’ Interestingly, Ricci was four months pregnant during the filming of the movie. In an interview, she said, “ You can see the bump and they just cover it,…you’ll see I hold my bags in front of my stomach…In the morning, I would be kind of thin… by the end of the day, I looked a little more pregnant.” Thus, for Ricci, filming for ‘Rome in Love’ was truly an experience. 

Peter Porte plays the role of Philip. He has featured in several other works, including ‘NCIS: LA,’ ‘Parks and Recreation,’ ‘The Young and the Restless’, and ‘A Gift to Remember,’ among others. The film also stars Vincent Riotta, Barbara Bouchet, Helen Pearson, Anna Manuelli, Isabelle Connolly, and Ross McCall, among several others.  

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