Roo: Where is Glow Up Season 5 Runner-Up Now?

Conceiving beauty beyond the normative, BBC’s ‘Glow Up’ follows the journey of ten makeup artists who individually compete in a set of challenges to win the coveted title. The reality television show features a streak of tests set to assess and evaluate the excellence of the contestants. As the participants’ work is put under a lens, they realize that winning the title may not come so easily. The fifth iteration of the reality series features Roo, a painter and decorator. Having been declared the runner-up of the season, several opportunities lay ahead for the contestant. So, if you’re also wondering what is the reality star up to these days, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Roo’s Glow Up Journey

While creative pursuits always interested Roo, it was ultimately makeup that piqued their curiosity. Born and raised in London, the television personality shared an interest in creativity from a very young age. Having been brought up by parents who worked in the theatre, Roo thought that their calling lay in art, too. Growing up, Roo was surrounded by the hubbub of a theatrical production. From seeing sets getting painted to getting a first-hand view of decoration on stage sets, Roo was hooked. To refine their abilities and discover more about their passion, the television personality enrolled in a Fine Arts University.

While their preliminary education and awareness aided them in experimenting with different types of artistic expression, it was ultimately makeup that stuck with them. Slowly, the London-based makeup artist refined their skills and used make-up as a mode of expression. Their interest in the craft also birthed their Drag King alter ego. Naturally, to put their skills to the test, Roo entered the coveted competition.

Despite getting to the top 3 of season 5, Roo wasn’t able to bag the top prize. Nonetheless, their imagination and creativity helped create several memorable looks. The reality TV star repeatedly impressed the judges with their entrancing preciseness for makeup and artistry. From pulling looks together within tight timelines to delivering a unique sense of individuality through their work, Roo was able to cast a lasting impression on the judges. Even in the final masterclass, Roo significantly impacted the titans of the industry with their makeup. Naturally, fans wonder what’s ahead for them.

Where is Roo Now?

Having garnered wide renown for their work on the BBC reality show, Roo continues to carve a path to success. After the cameras stopped filming, Roo accrued wide repute. To consistently evolve and grow an artist, they have since worked on several projects with acclaimed clients and brands. Most recently, the television personality worked with Zara McDermott, the renowned documentary filmmaker.

Besides this, they have also partnered up with Trixie Mattel to work on their latest makeup campaign. In addition to evolving as a makeup artist, Roo is also devoting time to exploring additional territories. The reality TV star with a burgeoning Instagram following uses their platform to share their latest creations online. From sourcing their ideas from ancient myths to discovering new looks through stories, Roo continues to highlight their abilities in several ways.

They have also worked with Nike Women and Parris Goebel on their latest campaign. Roo has also flown to Paris to work with Thom Browne on Couture FW23. Naturally, their work on Paris Fashion Week has set the stage for several wondrous opportunities to follow. On the personal front, Roo likes to remain tight-lipped and keep things under wraps. However, the television personality does enjoy having fun with their friends and experiencing new things. So, even though Roo didn’t claim the top spot on ‘Glow Up,’ it is apparent that several big milestones lay ahead for the reality star!

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