Are Ryan and Natascha from Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart Still Together?

ABC’s ‘Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’ is running high on hormones and drama! With almost seven contestants out of the race already, competition is heating up in both the world of love and music. Ryan is probably one of the unluckiest contestants on the show. Having been ditched one too many times, it might be hard for him to take a chance on someone new. But, the newcomer, Natascha, stops at nothing to get what she wants!

Ryan and Natascha: Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart Journey

The 28-year-old cutie from Michigan, Ryan, had been declared as a Shawn Mendes look-alike in the very first episode. The sweetheart’s chocolate boy looks are not the only thing going for him. His humble, gentlemanly, patient, and mature approach to love comes across as genuine. This quickly led him to become a fan-favorite!

The poor guy had confessed to being unlucky in love and the prophecy still holds true! Having been stuck in a love triangle with Jamie and Trevor, he was led on and ditched at the very last minute. Heartbroken, betrayed, and totally blindsided, Ryan was given a rose by Rudi. This came as a surprise to many. Ryan and Rudi did try to explore a connection, but the poor guy got stuck in a love triangle yet again. And it goes without guessing that Rudi eventually found her way back to Matt.

Till now, Ryan hasn’t given up hope even though circumstances are constantly breaking him down. In the second week, Natascha, a 33-year-old pop singer from Los Angeles, entered the mansion. Her badass vibe totally scared away the dirty players, and she was quick to accuse Trevor of cheating on her best friend. Exposing Trevor’s past secrets helped her accomplish her mission by causing a small rift between him and Jaime. And, what better revenge than to hook up with Jaime’s first lover boy?

Surprisingly, Natascha set her eyes on Ryan and pursued a connection with him. She even planted a big kiss on him, which got her trolled on the internet. Followers jokingly accused her of ‘taking a big bite out of Ryan’s face’. The gorgeous mature woman and the young hopeless romantic boy are sure to make a unique couple. Ryan decided to keep Natascha around and gave her his rose.

Are Ryan and Natascha Still Together?

According to their social media accounts, it doesn’t seem like the duo is an item. Even though Ryan is following Natascha on Instagram, she isn’t following him back. In a recent interview, Natascha did reveal that she found Ryan to be a sweetheart. She said that even though the cutie was intimidated by her in the beginning, he later opened up. She found it hot that he didn’t judge her on pre-conceived notions and approached their connection with an open mind.

Ryan and Natascha’s union might be a strategic move to forward their music careers. Ryan is still a budding artist, whereas Natascha has already earned a name in the music industry. She has also appeared in various reality singing competitions. In light of this fact, one has to question the earnestness of their relationship.

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