Saaphyri Windsor: Botched Star is Now an Entrepreneur

The power of transformative surgery takes clients on a whirlwind journey in ‘Botched.’ The reality series chronicles the journey of clients as they seek the help of reconstructive surgeries to mend the ones that have gone haywire in the past. With the help of Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, the individuals take on a journey to undo the errors left behind by botched medical procedures. Saaphyri Windsor is one of the people whose whirlwind experience with cosmetic surgery appealed to fans. Years since she first appeared on the show, fans have remained curious to know more about her.

Saaphyri Windsor’s Botched Journey

Having risen to fame in VH1’s ‘Flavor of Love’ reality show, Saaphyri Windsor had risen to fame quickly. However, living under the microscopic lens was difficult. She finally lost excess weight and decided to receive cosmetic surgery to gain a fresh start. However, much to her dismay, the procedure didn’t turn out as she had wanted it to. Saaphyri had elected for a liposuction and wanted to augment her breasts.

Against her expectations, the doctor who carried out the operation took a unique route. The television personality ended up gaining consciousness while she was still on the operating table. When she aired her concern, the doctor told her to stay quiet. During the procedure, the surgeon placed a garment on her stomach, which ended up altering the appearance of her tummy.

Saaphyri also talked about other aspects of her surgeon’s malpractice. The doctor who operated on the ‘Botched’ star had taken another patient home for a procedure who ended up dying on the table. It wasn’t long before his malpractice became the reason for his death, too. After sharing the shocking anecdote, Saaphyri opened up about her issues. To seek remedial action, Saaphyri asked doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to formulate a plan for treatment.

Ultimately, the professionals suggested that she should undergo a tummy tuck with liposuction that would reduce the loose skin present on her abdomen. In addition to this, they also acknowledged the botched breast surgery that had left her breasts hanging too low. Ultimately, the doctors carried out a thorough procedure that catered to the demands of the reality star. Gratefully, she managed to recover easily and finally attain the look she deeply desired.

Where is Saaphyri Windsor Now?

Since her days on ‘Flavor of Love’ and ‘Botched,’ Saaphyri Windsor has managed to grow personally and professionally. While the media personality has since recused herself from reality television, she has managed to grow her business and brand exponentially. She is now managing the operational overload of her unisex lip balm called Saaphyri’s Lip Chap. The business was inspired by a memorable moment on ‘Flavor of Love 2,’ where she offered H-Town some lip-chap after they had a fight.

Even though she has sustained a myriad of ups and downs in the past, Saaphyri has continued to exponentiate her growth trajectory. In 2009, Saaphyri was sentenced to three years in prison after she failed to show up for a court date. The television personality was initially accused of misusing her uncle’s identity without his knowledge. After 20 months of incarceration, Saaphyri was released and has since continued to work on other projects. She has taken up the role of a DR and an Executive Producer. While her presence in front of the camera has earned her acclaim wide and large, her contribution behind the camera has also earned her significant growth. Besides this, she is involved in a variety of charity work.

Saaphyri is a philanthropist who established the Development Foundation Inc. to help children and adults with intellectual disabilities seek therapeutic services. With a robust team to help generate awareness and create tangible change, Saaphyri remains steadfast in her resolve to create impact and value. Most recently, she released a book where she laid bare her ideas and experiences. Her debut work is entitled, ‘Don’t Interrupt My Prayers Before God Directs Me To Whoop Yo Ass.’ The Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube creator commands a significant following across all channels. Naturally, we await all the progress that awaits her in the future!

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