Sam and Aussie: Is The Ultimatum Queer Love Duo Still Together?

If there’s one thing Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: Queer Love‘ makes clear, it’s that relationships are hard work no matter the individuals involved owing to the efforts required at every step of the way. After all, while attraction and core values are essential, no couple can ever be happy without proper communication as well as a willingness to compromise to ensure their futures are aligned. The prime example of this is actually the connection between Sam Mark (she/her) and Aussie Chau (Aussie) — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them, we’ve got the details for you.

Sam and Aussie’s The Ultimatum: Queer Love Journey

Even though Sam first came across Aussie in an online social group for LGBTQ+ individuals during the pandemic, she knew they’d be the one for her almost as soon as they took things offline. “When we first touched hands,” the 31-year-old candidly expressed in the production at one point, “it was like something that you see in the movies. It was like the universe brought us together.” To this, her 42-year-old partner added, “Time stood still. Yeah, it was just magical. Like, butterflies and rainbows and unicorns…,” driving the former to quip, “well, actual butterflies [were there].”

The truth is despite the fact Sam is a decade younger than Aussie, she was more than ready to take the next step, be engaged, get married, and move forward, but the latter was not at all there. Instead, her partner of 1½ years wanted to live together for the ensuing five years before deciding if this bond was really even “meant to be” and if they were open to “go to that marriage state.” “I feel like she’s the one,” the anxiety-prone Aussie stated in the series. “I’m just… like my processing takes longer than hers. So I’m hoping [this whole ‘Ultimatum’ experience] will accelerate that.”

Sam was honestly hopeful about Aussie arriving on the same page as her since the latter had promised they were serious, which is why she did not mind when they grew close to Mildred Bustillo. This is partly also because she herself had found a potential match in Tiff Der, with whom she could discuss any topic under the sun without outrightly feeling like she was walking on eggshells. Thus, of course, when the time came to make “the choice” for their three-week trial marriage, they both went ahead with their new companions in the hopes of finally figuring out what they desired.

Yes, both these new involvements had their fair share of ups and downs owing to the stark differences in personalities, but Sam and Aussie did recognize the areas they needed to improve. While the former finally started standing up for herself instead of being an enabler of others’ behavior due to her compassion, her “ex” partner realized they needed to communicate better. Nevertheless, as it was Aussie’s childhood trauma as well as a few similar facets that caused a lot of their anxiety and unsure footing, things were a lot more difficult for them than anyone could ever imagine.

Sam and Aussie Are Happily Engaged

Aussie admittedly always had a tough time handling serious conversations and situations, so they walked away whenever they felt uncomfortable or like they were being put on the spot. That’s why they left this experience towards the end of week two of their trial marriage with Mildred, only to return for their time with Sam but wanting to do the same again on a few occasions. However, they ultimately didn’t — not for good anyway; they just took some space to calm down before returning — and it kept a sliver of hope for their love, compatibility, as well as relationship alive.

In the end, with the changes Sam and Aussue both endured thanks to the fact they filmed in vulnerability for two months for ‘The Ultimatum,’ they finally realized they could be right for one another. Therefore, when Aussie eventually gave their original partner a literal heart-shaped rock before getting down on one knee with an actual ring during decision day, Sam obviously joyously said yes. And we’re glad to report the couple is still blissfully engaged — Their secret? They worked hard to find a balance in how they cope with their problems and continue to actively love one another every day.

“We came first, and then the relationship came second,” Certified Tarot Healer, Mental Health Advocate, as well as Conscious Altruism Movement Enthusiast Sam recently said, making it clear this is now a rule they follow. “If it was meant to be, then we’ll come back together, but we put everything in it for our own journeys and healing.” To this, Aussie added, “I really am so lucky to be with this person” before revealing they’re “slowly getting [ready to tie the knot], but I just have so much groundwork that I’m doing with my life [in terms of my self-discovery in gender identity] that that’s kind of taken priority.”

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