Scooter Wreyton From Tex Mex Motors: Here’s All We Know About Him

Image Credit: Scooter Wreyton/Instagram

If you are a fan of classic cars and the process that is undertaken to restore the forgotten gems into shining pieces of history, then Netflix’s ‘Tex Mex Motors‘ is a ride you will not want to miss. The reality show features a group of car experts who work together to make their one-of-a-kind business model as profitable as possible. One of the biggest cogs in the whole operation is Scooter Wreyton, AKA Marcos “Scooter” Carrera, whose contacts and personality are a massive help in hunting down the cars the team needs.

Cultural Fusion: Scooter’s Ethnicity and Its Influence

Though born in El Paso, Texas, Scooter grew up in both his birth city and Juarez, Mexico. His binational upbringing has heavily shaped Scooter’s personality and working style, and he is quite fluent in English as well as Spanish. As one can quickly gather, Scooter is a huge fan of cars and is quite knowledgeable about them. Additionally, he is also a fan of everything in the world of the entertainment world and is entirely up-to-date with the knowledge of the same. When not working hard to track down cars, the reality TV star is known to spend time in the gym, something he seems pretty fond of.

Scooter Wreyton’s Profession

Having grown up on both sides of the southern border of the US, Scooter has developed many connections over the years. Using them, he is always ready to track down forgotten classic cars. In the Netflix series, we see him working with the locals in order to find what he needs, all the while behind his happy-go-lucky self. Often partnered with Rob “Rabbit” Pitts, he sometimes does end up doing things that his team is far from happy with but is always eager to prove his worth and show just how valuable of an asset he is.

Additionally, Scooter is a studio Manager at Star Central Studio Learning Center in El Paso. In fact, he has worked in the world of journalism for 12 years, having even partnered with CBS and NBC. From documentaries, local commercials, and publicity campaigns to music videos, there are a few things that Scooter has not worked on, given his keen interest in filmmaking, television, and studio work. His passion for the same can also be seen in ‘Tex Mex Motors’ as he urges Rabbit to shoot a local television commercial in order to fetch the maximum price possible for their Porsche.

Scooter Wreyton: Family Man with Dentist Wife and Two Kids

As of writing, Scooter is happily married and is a proud father of a son and a daughter. In the show, he shared that his wife works as a dentist, and he even strikes a deal with one of the sellers to reduce the price of their car in exchange for a free cleanup from his wife. Scooter likes to spend time with his family whenever possible and is always happy to share their pictures on social media. As one might expect, he is always proud of each and every accomplishment of his family members and is always ready to hype them up with his own enthusiasm.

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