Scouts Honor: Where Are The Survivors Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Scouts Honor’ exploring the way youth organization Boy Scouts of America concealed its nationwide issue of child sexual abuse for decades, we get a documentary unlike any other. After all, it incorporates not just archival footage but also exclusive interviews with experts, survivors, as well as whistleblowers alike to really shine a light upon the dark, sordid side of this institution. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about the present standing of the courageous survivors to detail their experiences in this Brian Knappenberger original; well, we’ve got the details for you.

Mark Eaton is a Family Man Today

Although Mark had attained a bit of justice in the late 1980s itself when his abuser, serial pedophile Thomas Hacker, was arrested, convicted, and sentenced, it unfortunately, admittedly took him until he was in his “early 40s to realize I was a victim; I hadn’t done something wrong.” Since then, he has been trying his best to move forward while also healing his trauma by publicly speaking on the matter as a way to ensure the Boy Scouts gradually becomes a better, safer place for youngsters. Coming to his personal whereabouts, this proud Independent Solar Consultant is based in Oak Lawn, Illinois, at the moment, where he’s surrounded by his loving second wife, Candace, plus his nine children.

Douglas “Doug” Kennedy is Now an Advocate of Boy Scouts’ Victims

Like Mark, it wasn’t until Doug was a middle-aged married father that he opened up regarding his molestation for the very first time, and it honestly turned his whole world upside down. That’s because others believing as well as supporting him finally made him feel in control of his own life, which subsequently drove him to speak to fellow survivors, the media, and the government. In fact, this is how he was appointed Co-Chair of the Tort Claimants Committee (TCC) in 2020 for the Boy Scouts’ bankruptcy proceedings and is currently essentially serving as a victims’ advocate too.

Christopher Haywood is Living a Private Life Today

Despite the fact not much is known about Christopher’s recent private or professional experiences, it’s evident he’s a Chicago, Illinois, native plus a member of the Tort Claimants Committee (TCC). After all, he was admittedly, horrifically taken advantage of for nine years — from when he was 9 till 18 — that is, until he somehow mustered up the bravery to run away in the middle of a session and then tell his mother the truth the following day. “It felt like a lot of stuff was released,” he conceded in the production. “I knew it was over after me leaving there that night, that it was done. I feel like now I can better share my story… and justice can come my way.”

Tom Krumins is Working Against Child Abuse Today

While there’s no denying Tom’s story is arguably one of the most heartbreaking considering he was suicidal at one point, we’re happy to report it appears as if he has since turned over a new leaf. His abuse obviously still affects him, yet this Vanderbilt University Human & Organizational Development 2016 graduate has ostensibly learned to navigate it in a more positive manner. In fact, from what we can tell, he has turned his past ordeals into motivation to enable him to serve as a Freelance Social Impact Consultant, an Executive Director for a non-profit called Keep Kids Safe, a Builder, a Wanderer, and a Writer whose focus is mental health, child abuse prevention, as well as poverty reduction.

Richard Windman is a Child Sex Abuse Activist Today

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Richard was a part of Boy Scouts Troop 137 growing up, which was reportedly less of an official unit and more of a pedophilic ring with easy access to young boys. He was thus molested by several men over many years, just to attempt suicide at 19 before moving on until he was actually ready to start dealing with his past following a brief stint as an alcoholic in his late 40s. So today, this Delaware family man proudly serves as the Co-Founder/President of a non-profit named Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse (SCSA), the host of ‘The Interviews w/Richard Windmann’ radio show, and an active Child Sex Abuse Activist/Advocate.

Richard Schultz is a Teacher Now

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Richard’s saga crosses all bounds because while he is a survivor, his assailant targeted him to get closer to his younger brother, Christopher. Therefore, the fact the latter died by suicide at 12, within a year of the beginning of their abuse, affects him to this day, which is why he likely became a police officer as soon as he could. Though this former Fair Lawn Sergeant (1986-2013) soon evolved into a Seasonal Infirmary Staff at Camp Becket YMCA Camp- EMT (2011-2022), only to currently proudly work as a Building-based Substitute Teacher at Fair Lawn Public Schools (2021-Present).

Drew Tessier is a Producer Now

Despite the fact Drew is a public figure through and through, he has actually managed to keep the complete details of his past molestation private — which has always been his preferred choice. We say public figure because he’s not only a comic based out of New York City but also the creator of NY Queer Comedy Fest as well as the host of Thoroughly Gay Thursdays. Moreover, this Alabama-born Auburn University Theatre graduate is even a former Designer/Owner of Andrew Hamilton Crawford, a Producer at Drew Tessier Comedy, and a current Producer at Velvet Variety.

Michael Nussbaum is Living a Private Life

Although Michael was once extremely proud of wearing the Boy Scouts uniform, everything changed when he was 14 and assaulted by a police officer, just for nobody to really believe him. However, now that he has retired from the US Army and is again openly expressing how this youth organization failed to protect him, thousands of fellow victims as well as experts are backing him. As for his motive to do the same, this family man admitted in the documentary, “I’m not out to be a millionaire. I’m not out to get a bunch of [settlement] money. I have a great retirement from the military… What I’m hoping to get out is that no child will ever be hurt again the way I was.”

John Sakowicz is a Radio Host Today

It was reportedly in 1965 when John did his first Boy Scout overnight trip with good friend Patrick Quinn at the tender age of 12, only for them both to be brutally raped by their Scout leader. The latter subsequently developed a taste for alcohol before passing away from liver failure at 18, which honestly traumatized the former even more; “I had been accepted to Johns Hopkins University, attended the first semester, survived a suicide attempt, dropped out of college for the next three or four years. And my life has been very disrupted by that early childhood trauma ever since that time.” Nevertheless, today, this 71-year-old ‘Heroes and Patriots’ radio host from Ukiah, California, appears to be doing his best to move on while also attaining some justice for those victims who’ve lost their lives along the way.

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