See Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained

For a web series set in a world where most people don’t have the sense of sight and predominantly rely on their auditory senses, ‘See’ is a surprisingly quiet show. And that adds to its overall aesthetics. It often feels like you are not watching a science fiction show set in a dystopian future but a BBC nature documentary. In episode 3, Queen Sibeth Kane (Sylvia Hoeks) makes a deal with Harlan (Tom Mison) involving Maghra (Hera Hilmar). Kofun’s (Archie Madekwe) very existence drives a wedge between Toad (Hoon Lee) and his men.

An old friend rescues Baba Voss (Jason Momoa) and Haniwa (Nesta Cooper). Refusing to accept that his loss of sight is permanent, Jerlamarel instructs his son to find a cure. And Edo Voss (Dave Bautista) searches for a traitor. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘See’ season 2 episode 3. SPOILERS AHEAD.

See Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

The episode begins as Edo faces the Trivantian council following Baba, Haniwa, and Tamacti Jun’s (Christian Camarg) escape. The council members implore him to forget his obsession with people with sight and feud with his brother and focus instead on the tribe’s enemies. Later, Edo tasks Wren (Eden Epstein) with finding the escapees, not realizing that she is the one who helped them escape in the first place.

Haniwa learns the truth about her mother. She also discovers from Kofun’s message that he is headed toward the city of Pennsa. Their small group gets ambushed by slavers, and Baba can’t defend himself or his daughter because of his injuries. Suddenly, a group of women shows up. They easily kill the slavers. It is revealed that Paris (Alfre Woodard) is with them. She convinces the father-daughter duo to rest for the night before resuming their journey.

That evening, Baba tells Haniwa the history of animosity between him and his brother. Their mother apparently died while giving birth to Edo, and their father held Edo responsible and likely abused him throughout his childhood. Baba, who was young himself at the time, couldn’t protect him. At Pennsa, Sibeth discovers that there are survivors from Kanzua who know that she caused the disaster. Harlan kills one of these survivors and asks Sibeth to marry him. However, she seems to have a different plan and tells him that he can marry Maghra. When Maghra hears about this, she makes a pact with Harlan.

They will not get married but will only go through a formal engagement to appease the public, and Harlan will find her husband and daughter. In exchange, Maghra will convince Sibeth to make her capital elsewhere so that Harlan can have his city back. However, Sibeth once again proves how shrewd and unpredictable she is. She declares the engagement during a religious gathering, seemingly catching both Maghra and Harlan off guard. Sibeth then goes on to announce that the wedding will take place in a few days.

See Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Is Jerlamarel Dead?

Yes, Jerlamarel is dead. Edo decapitates Jerlamarel after realizing that Baba had blinded the other man. Since he lost his sight, Jerlamarel has known that the most immediate threat he faces is Edo. The only reason that Edo and his men have been wary of Jerlamarel is because of his sense of sight. Now, with that gone, the lives of Jerlamarel and his children are in danger.

Meanwhile, Edo goes through the circumstances of Baba’s escape and erroneously concludes that Jerlamarel has helped them. But when Edo arrives at Jerlamarel’s former penitentiary-turned-home, he intuitively figures out something is wrong. Edo grabs Jerlamarel and then traces the other man’s face, discovering the scars. He realizes that he has no need for Jerlamarel in his current condition and kills him. The episode ends as the Commander-General of the Trivantian tribe places Jerlamarel’s children in the care of the tribe’s best scientist, likely hoping that they will find a way to develop weapons from the old world.

What Is the Compass?

The Compass is the group of women who save Haniwa and the others from the slavers. As Paris later tells Haniwa, Baba, and Tamacti Jun, 200 years earlier, several children were born with a sense of sight in the Payan Kingdom. Their mothers retreated to a secluded area to protect them. But then the Witchfinders found the children and burned them. These grieving mothers set up the Compass, a secret society whose membership is passed down from mothers to daughters. Their main duty is to protect the sighted.

It is revealed that Paris used to be a Compass. She met Jerlamarel and gave him books and the script to read and learn. One day, he just vanished with the books and the script. Although no one in the Compass blamed her for this incident, Paris left the group and started living with the Alkenny Tribe. Some years later, Jerlamarel found her once more and left a pregnant Maghra with her.

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