Shakina Stewart: Cheat Episode 4 Winner is Thriving in Her Life Now

Netflix’s ‘Cheat‘ is an exciting game show that rewards its contestants for using underhand means to gain an advantage over their opponents. Besides, with the show introducing four new contestants in each episode, the viewers got to know several interesting people, including episode four participant Shakina Queenie Stewart. While on the show, Shakina appeared pretty confident about her chances of winning and was sure the others would not be able to read her bluff. Well, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out where Shakina is at present, shall we?

Shakina’s Cheat Journey

Interestingly, Shakina seemed to be the underdog in episode 4, as her co-contestant, Dani, took control of the game for the first couple of rounds. In round one, Shakina answered three of her questions honestly while cheating on the remaining one. However, she had a trick up her sleeve, as she often hesitated before giving the correct answer, making her co-contestants accuse her wrongly. As a result, most were inaccurate in their suspicions, but Dani ended up with the highest number of correct accusations, making her the leading cheat hunter. Yet, when it was time to eliminate someone, she chose Josh, allowing Shakina to fight on for another round.

Even in the second round, Shakina used her cheat button only once and used her knowledge to answer the three other questions correctly. Naturally, with her confidence building, Shakina was accused of cheating by her co-contestants, but she managed to shake off their allegation. However, by the end of the round, Dani retained her position as leading cheat hunter, and this time, chose to eliminate Josh, as she considered him her most significant threat.

Dani seemed to be running the show up to this point, and most fans were confident that she would walk away with the prize money. However, in the final round, she gave a wrong answer to her very first question, and in the process, handed Shakina 37000 pounds in prize money.

Where is Shakina Queenie Stewart Today?

Once filming for ‘Cheat’ wrapped, Shakina eased back into her everyday life, although she loves keeping her followers updated through regular posts on social media. From the looks of it, Shakina is a proud mother whose life revolves around her wonderful son and several close friends. The reality star currently resides in Birmingham, England, where she works in recruitment. Apart from being involved with the false eyelash brand, Lashes Of Confidence, Shakina enjoys attending pub quizzes, which helped her build her knowledge. On top of it, she also claimed she would buy a caravan with her ‘Cheat’ prize money, and we hope happiness never eludes her in the coming future.

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