8 Animated Shows Like Hazbin Hotel You Must See

‘Hazbin Hotel’ is a darkly comedic animated series created by Vivienne “Vivziepop” Medrano. Set in Hell, the show revolves around Charlie, the optimistic princess of Hell, who opens a rehabilitation hotel to provide redemption for sinners. In a world teeming with demons and chaos, Charlie aims to prove that even the most damned souls can change and earn their place in Heaven. The narrative unfolds with a vibrant and unconventional cast of characters, each with their unique quirks and sins. The voice cast includes Erika Henningsen, Stephanie Beatriz, and Blake Roman, among others. With its unique premise, engaging characters, and a blend of humor and darkness, ‘Hazbin Hotel’ has captivated audiences with its imaginative take on the afterlife and the possibility of redemption in the most unexpected of places. If you’re not ready to bid farewell to the captivating world of ‘Hazbin Hotel,’ here are 8 shows like ‘Hazbin Hotel’ that deserve your attention.

8. Ugly Americans (2010-2012)

Created by Devin Clark and David M. Stern, ‘Ugly Americans’ is an animated series set in New York City bustling with supernatural beings. The show follows social worker Mark Lilly (voiced by Matt Oberg) as he navigates bizarre cases involving demons, zombies, and otherworldly creatures. The cast includes Natasha Leggero, Kurt Metzger, and Randy Pearlstein. Similarly to ‘Hazbin Hotel,’ ‘Ugly Americans’ blends dark humor with the challenges of coexisting with supernatural entities, exploring themes of redemption and societal integration. Both shows share a penchant for unconventional settings, mature themes, and a diverse array of eccentric characters.

 7. The Venture Bros. (2003-2018)

Venturing into the realm of satire and adventure, ‘The Venture Bros.,’ created by Jackson Publick (Christopher McCulloch), is an animated series that lampoons classic adventure cartoons. It revolves around the eccentric Venture family – Dr. Rusty Venture, his sons Hank and Dean, and their bodyguard Brock Samson. With humor, absurdity, and intricate character development, the show embraces unexpected plot twists. Comparatively, ‘Hazbin Hotel’ mirrors this complexity with its dark humor, complex characters, and exploration of unconventional settings. Both series captivate audiences by subverting expectations, infusing humor into their narratives, and offering a fresh take on traditional genre conventions.

6. Invader Zim (2001-2006)

Dive into the realm of quirkiness with ‘Invader Zim,’ a creation of the eccentric mind of Jhonen Vasquez. This animated series unfolds the misadventures of Zim, an extraterrestrial with grandiose invasion plans, and his hilariously malfunctioning robot companion, GIR. Jhonen’s signature blend of dark humor and surreal visuals infuses the show with a distinctive charm. Drawing parallels to ‘Hazbin Hotel,’ both series share a commitment to the unconventional. ‘Invader Zim’ and ‘Hazbin Hotel’ invite viewers into worlds where eccentricity reigns supreme, offering a delightful escape into animated landscapes where the weird and the comical collide in unexpected and entertaining ways.

5. Metalocalypse (2006-2013)

For aficionados of ‘Hazbin Hotel,’ ‘Metalocalypse’ offers a headbanging delight, merging dark humor and chaos. Created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, the animated series follows the fictional death metal band Dethklok. With Brendon Small’s multifaceted voice talent and a cast including Mark Hamill, ‘Metalocalypse’ delves into the absurd lives of its characters, echoing the irreverent charm of ‘Hazbin Hotel.’ Both shows share a rebellious spirit, defying norms with mature themes in fantastical settings. ‘Metalocalypse’ immerses viewers in a world of music, mayhem, and dark comedy, making it a fitting choice for those craving an animated experience akin to ‘Hazbin Hotel.’

4. Gary and His Demons (2018-2023)

For enthusiasts of ‘Hazbin Hotel,’ the animated series ‘Gary and His Demons’ offers a humorous escape, blending dark comedy with supernatural elements. Created by Mark Little and Josh Gal, the show follows Gary (voiced by Mark Little), a middle-aged demon hunter burdened by his demanding job. With its witty writing and irreverent humor, ‘Gary and His Demons’ shares common ground with ‘Hazbin Hotel.’ Both series explore the challenges of coexisting with supernatural beings, infusing mature themes into fantastical settings. ‘Gary and His Demons’ provides a hilarious yet poignant take on redemption, making it a compelling watch for those captivated by the unconventional allure of ‘Hazbin Hotel.’

3. Disenchantment (2018-2023)

Embark on a comedic medieval escapade with ‘Disenchantment,’ a creation by the ingenious mind of Matt Groening, tailor-made for aficionados of the quirky charm found in ‘Hazbin Hotel.’ This animated series invites viewers into the fantastical kingdom of Dreamland, following the rebellious Princess Bean, her lively elf companion Elfo, and the mischievous Luci, her personal demon. Groening’s signature satirical take on traditional fairy-tale tropes, combined with dark humor and intricate character dynamics, provides a unique allure. While ‘Hazbin Hotel’ explores hellish redemption, ‘Disenchantment’ transforms a medieval realm into a canvas for irreverent comedy and unconventional characters, creating an animated experience that captivates with its whimsy and wit.

2. The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (2013-2023)

In a delightful twist of demonic charm, ‘The Devil Is a Part-Timer!‘ beckons fans of ‘Hazbin Hotel’ into a parallel universe of humor and supernatural flair. Satoshi Wagahara’s creation unfolds the tale of Satan himself, forced to adapt to the mundane as he takes on a part-time job at a fast-food joint in modern Tokyo. The series, much like ‘Hazbin Hotel,’ navigates the absurdities of life in an unconventional setting, blending the fantastical with the mundane. The humor in both shows stems from the unexpected juxtaposition of the supernatural with the every day, offering a comedic escapade that resonates with those seeking a devilishly good time.

1. Helluva Boss (2019-)

Dive into the wickedly charismatic pandemonium of ‘Helluva Boss,’ a gripping rollercoaster for die-hard ‘Hazbin Hotel’ enthusiasts. Crafted by the visionary Vivienne “Vivziepop” Medrano, this animated gem catapults viewers into the treacherous world of IMP, where assassinations are the family business in Hell. Unleashing a kaleidoscope of vibrant animation and razor-sharp humor, ‘Helluva Boss’ pulsates with the same rebellious spirit that made ‘Hazbin Hotel’ an instant classic. With a misfit crew and a dash of demonic charm, it elevates the chaotic narrative, delivering a visceral cocktail of laughter, redemption, and animated audacity that’s bound to captivate and beguile.

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