Loved Iron Reign? Here Are 8 Crime Shows You Should See

Created by Lluís Quílez, ‘Iron Reign’ centers on the Manchado family and their gang rivalries in Barcelona as a shipment of drugs goes missing and undercover police officers close in on their operation. Joaquín Manchado holds power over the main terminal of Barcelona’s port, which is a transit point for hundreds of tons of cocaine. When a shipment of contraband goes missing, their situation with the local druglords heats up, while the Manchados work towards finding a mole among their ranks. The Netflix series features an intriguing plotline, striking characters, and thrilling action sequences. For those who would like to watch more shows like ‘Iron Reign’ that involve crime families, kingpins, and pulse-pounding moments.

8. Cocaine Coast (2018)

‘Cocaine Coast,’ or ‘Fariña’ chronicles the story of Galicia’s drug trade boom in the 1980s. Set in the coastal region of Galicia, Spain, the series follows fisherman Sito Miñanco as he becomes increasingly involved in the lucrative cocaine smuggling business. Sito is a fisherman who uses his speedboat to begin smuggling tobacco across Galicia’s shores. As he begins his own smuggling ring, Sito comes across the opportunity to enter the cocaine trade in Peru.

The smuggling operations along the fishing village became so successful that a majority of the cocaine entering European markets did so through Galicia. Based on ‘Fariña’ by Nacho Carretero, the Spanish-language crime series will appeal to fans of ‘Iron Reign’ with its exploration of an alternative form of maritime drug smuggling. Both series have factions of organized crime forming alliances and facing off against rivals in their quest for power and wealth.

7. Queen of the South (2016-2021)

Under the creative direction of M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller, ‘Queen of the South’ creates a unique tale of a woman raising a criminal empire to topple the very cartel members that hunted her in the past. Teresa Mendoza is forced to flee Mexico after her boyfriend is murdered by the cartel. Using methods for an alternative drug distribution system, Teresa begins her own organization in Dallas that grows to rival the smuggling ring that murdered her lover.

Based on the novel of the same name by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, the series is a violent drama with plenty of twists and turns. Those who appreciated ‘Iron Reign’ for its unique characters and foray into the smuggling business, will be enamored by the charismatic Teresa Mendoza and her innovative approach to the business.

6. Suburra: Blood on Rome (2017-2020)

Suburra: Blood on Rome,’ centers on three main characters: a young gangster aiming to rise in the ranks, a corrupt politician seeking to maintain control, and a Vatican insider involved in secretive dealings. Drawing from real-life events, the series is based on the 2015 film ‘Suburra’ and was developed by Daniele Cesarano, Barbara Petronio, Ezio Abbate, and Fabrizio Bettelli. The plot centers on Aureliano Adami, a gang member from Ostia, and Spadino, the son of a policeman who has turned to a life of crime under the Sinti gang.

The two become embroiled in a rivalry with the mafia in Rome headed by Samurai, who makes use of political corruption, while the Vatican enters the scene with its own agenda. Those who liked ‘Iron Reign’ will resonate with the theme of young criminals against experienced kingpins in ‘Suburra: Blood on Rome’ as both series narrate thrilling plots of intergang rivalries.

5. ZeroZeroZero (2019-2022)

ZeroZeroZero Season 2

Crafted by Stefano Sollima, Leonardo Fasoli, and Mauricio Katz, ‘ZeroZeroZero’ follows the maritime journey of a large shipment of cocaine from Mexico to Italy as it encounters dire situations along the way. The Lynwoods are responsible for transporting a cargo ship containing cocaine from Mexican druglords to an Italian Don. When the ship is rerouted to Morocco, due to infighting among the Italians, a suspenseful saga of hide and seek begins between the Lynwoods and authorities, who close in on the shipment while the Mexicans and Italians make their own moves.

If you were fascinated by the exploration of the cocaine trade taking place through the port in ‘Iron Reign,’ this Italian crime series will intrigue you with an illustration of the trade at a transatlantic level. Both revolve around a conflict created by an unforeseen development regarding a large shipment of cocaine.

4. Mirzapur (2018-)

Masterfully created by Puneet Krishna and Karan Anshuman, the series revolves around the crime-ridden North Indian city of Mirzapur, which is ruled by the all-powerful Akhandanand Tripathi. When Munna, Akhandanand’s ruthless and power-hungry son, attempts to cover up a crime, he crosses paths with brothers Guddu and Bablu. With a combination of brawn and brain, they successfully thwart Munna’s attack on their family, gaining the respect of Akhandanand, who recruits them much to Munna’s dismay.

As the brothers expand the Tripathis’ illicit businesses, Mirzapur becomes a powder keg of rival gangs, power politics, and personal rivalries. Enthusiasts of ‘Iron Reign’ will be enthralled by the complex and grounded explorations of the underworld in ‘Mirzapur,’ which are made all the more compelling by career-defining performances by its cast. Both series present a fractured crime family that barely holds together in the face of rivals and authorities.

3. Gomorrah (2014-2021)

From the mind of Roberto Saviano, ‘Gomorrah,’ or ‘La serie’ is a gritty Italian crime drama that delves deep into organized crime in the underbelly of Naples. The series centers on Ciro Di Marzio, a loyal and ambitious member of the Savastano clan, who rises through its ranks. He becomes immersed in power struggles when the clan’s leader is arrested, and the organization finds itself split into an old guard and a new guard led by Gennaro Savastan, the boss’s son.

Much like in ‘Iron Reign,’ the characters in ‘Gomorrah’ find themselves at odds with their own families, leading to a gripping narrative of survival and revenge. With its raw portrayal of crime and compelling characters, ‘Gomorrah’ will captivate fans of the former with its similar dark style and brutalist backdrops.

2. Animal Kingdom (2016-2022)

Animal Kingdom’ introduces us to the Cody family, led by the manipulative matriarch, Smurf. The family engages in various illegal activities, including armed robbery, drug trafficking, and organized crime. J, Smurf’s grandson, is forced to join the Codys after the death of his mother, and we enter their world of crime and excess through his eyes.

As J figures out the complex dynamics within the family, he must reconcile his moral compass with the ruthless code of conduct enforced by his relatives. The series is developed by Jonathan Lisco and is based on the 2010 movie of the same name. Those who liked the tumultuous crime-family dynamics in ‘Iron Reign’ will enjoy ‘Animal Kingdom’ for its intriguing characters, plot twists, and portrayal of a dysfunctional criminal empire.

1. Narcos: Mexico (2018-2021)

‘Narcos: Mexico’ chronicles the rise of the powerful Guadalajara Cartel from dispersed marijuana farmers and independent smugglers under the leadership of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo in the 1980s. As Gallardo consolidates power and builds his empire, he attracts the attention of law enforcement agencies, including the DEA.

Helmed by Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, and Doug Miro, the series follows DEA agent Kiki Camarena as he is plunged into a deadly game of cat and mouse with Gallardo and his associates. With its intense action, striking characters, and gritty portrayal of the drug trade, ‘Narcos: Mexico’ will surely become a memorable watch for fans of ‘Iron Reign.’ Both series offer a compelling look into the world of organized crime and the gripping stories of the individuals who seek to control it.

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