If You’re Hooked on Mouse, Here Are 7 Similar Shows to Enjoy

Entangled in a web of mystery, ‘Mouse’ follows the story of Jeong Ba-reum, a determined police officer who is tasked to find out a serial killer whose reign of terror has put everyone in a bind. Using the mystifying connection between the psyche and genetics, the protagonist unveils a number of shocking revelations. The cast features Lee Hee-joon, Lee Seung-gi, Park Ju-hyun, and Kyung Soo-jin. If you enjoyed the themes of conflicting truths and shocking revelations, here is a list of television shows like ‘Mouse’ for you to enjoy.

7. The Undoing (2020)

The show follows the mysterious murder of a young woman named Elena and the consequent mystery and thrill that follows her death. With Jonathan and Grace at the epicentre of the fateful event, ‘The Undoing’ also features the uncertainty and manic melee of murder and chaos as seen in ‘Mouse.’ The show is created by David E. Kelley and features Hugh Grant, Nicole Kidman, Matilda De Angelis, Lily Rabe, and Donald Sutherland. If you enjoyed the layered psychological thrill presented in ‘Mouse,’ then you’ll enjoy this murder mystery set in the privileged lives of Jonathan and Grace Fraser just as much.

6. The Staircase (2022)

The show revolves around Michael Peterson, a crime novelist whose seemingly perfect life is upended when his wife is found dead at the bottom of a staircase in their house. Now, all the blame falls on Michael, an individual who is perfectly capable of pulling such an act. Much like, ‘Mouse,’ ‘The Staircase’ also features a number of convoluted twists and turns that single out an individual to blame without knowing the complete truth. With Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sophie Turner, and Olivia DeJonge, ‘The Staircase’ by creator Antonio Campos also features the same mystery and thrill that made ‘Mouse’ so enthralling.

5. Alias Grace (2017)

Yet another story that tries to understand the events that led to a disastrous incident, ‘Alias Grace’ follows the story of Grace Marks, an Irish immigrant serving in Canada in the 19th century. Based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, the show is adapted by Sarah Polley and features Sarah Gadon, Edward Holcroft, Anna Paquin, Kerr Logan, and Rebecca Liddiard. Following a similar line of investigation between Grace and her psychiatrist, ‘Alias Grace’ shares a number of similar themes with ‘Mouse’ making this the right show to tune into next.

4. Muted (2023)

The show follows the story of Sergio Ciscar, a man released from prison years after committing the murder of his parents. When a young psychiatrist Ana Dussel tries to unravel the mystery that led to the crime, he refuses to say anything. The show is created by Aitor Gabilondo and features Arón Piper, Almudena Amor, Manuel Rios, Christina Kovani, Aria Bedmar, and Ramiro Blas. So, if the thrill of a cryptic mystery intrigued you in ‘Mouse,’ then this will be the right show to binge next.

3. The Patient (2022)

The story revolves around Alan Strauss, a psychotherapist and Sam Fortner, a serial killer. Entangled in a convoluted labyrinth, Alan is tasked with stopping Sam from claiming another victim. The hair-raising plot delves into the horrors that lay within the human psyche. So, if you enjoyed the anticipatory tone in ‘Mouse,’ then you’ll find ‘The Patient’ just as entertaining.

2. Twin Peaks (1990-2017)

This highly renowned series uncovers the mystery that follows when the dead body of a homecoming queen is discovered. The show first premiered in 1990 and went on air again in 2017. The revival focused on the lies, deceit and secrets that continue to plague the northwestern town 25 years after their homecoming queen was found dead. The series is created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. With Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, Michael Horse, and Chrysta Bell ‘Twin Peaks’ follows the same thrill of lies and secrets that kept stakes high in ‘Mouse.’ Teeming with anticipation and tension, ‘Twin Peaks’ is, as such, the right show to watch after, ‘Mouse.’

1. Sharp Objects (2018)

A representation of the conflicts within the mind and psychology, ‘Sharp Objects’ follows the story of Camille Preaker, a crime reporter who returns to her hometown to investigate the murder of two young girls. Wrought with her own battles of addiction, Camille’s flinching state of mind coalesces into a dark and dramatic representation of the human mind. The series features Amy Adams and Chris Messina as the titular leads. Naturally, if ‘Mouse’ enthralled you for its intriguing premise of the human psyche, then you’ll find creator Marti Noxon’s eerie show equally bewitching.

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