8 Shows Similar to Salem’s Lot That You Cannot Miss

Directed by Mikael Salomon, ‘Salem’s Lot’ is a supernatural-horror show of 2004, drawing inspiration from Stephen King’s best-selling novel of the same name. The story closely follows the 1975 novel, with Ben Mears (Rob Lowe) returning to ‘Salem’s Lot and uncovering the eerie presence of vampires, notably under the leadership of Kurt Barlow (Rutger Hauer). The series delves deep into the town’s history, unraveling the enigma surrounding the vampires and portraying the arduous battle to free the town from its malevolent grasp.

If you were captivated by ‘Salem’s Lot’s portrayal of the struggle between good and evil supernatural forces and are seeking more films along these lines to keep yourself up at night, look no further than this list. 

8. South of Hell (2015)

Helmed by multiple directors, including Eli Roth, ‘South of Hell’ is a supernatural horror chronicling the story of Maria Abascal (Mena Suvari), a demon hunter for hire. Maria grapples with her own inner demon while endeavoring to rid others of their demonic possessions. The series delves into her struggles with a dark past and the inner demon that haunts her. 

Both ‘Salem’s Lot,’ and ‘South of Hell’ explore the theme of supernatural hostility and the toll it takes on both people and entire communities. In ‘Salem’s Lot,’ characters confront menacing vampires invading their lives and threatening to consume them and their surroundings. In a similar vein, ‘South of Hell’ revolves around the battle between good and evil, showcasing the characters’ solidity as they confront and combat the darkness that looms.

7. Bedlam (2011-2012)

‘Bedlam’ is a supernatural drama TV series of British origin. The storyline unfolds within Bedlam Heights, a refurbished former insane asylum transformed into upscale apartments. The edifice carries the haunting remnants of its grim history as the ghosts of the past manifest within its walls. The current tenants, under the management of Ellie (Charlotte Salt), find themselves trapped with these supernatural entities, unraveling the secrets buried within the building’s structure.

‘Bedlam’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’ share multiple commonalities. First, the storylines of both series are steeped in an eerie ambiance tied to a specific location. In ‘Salem’s Lot,’ the haunting extends across an entire town plagued by the presence of vampires. On the other hand, ‘Bedlam’ focuses on a renovated asylum haunted by the lingering ghosts of its dark history.

6. The Living and the Dead (2016)

‘The Living and the Dead’ is a British supernatural horror drama series set in the late 19th century in Somerset, England. The plot centers on Nathan Appleby (Colin Morgan),  a proficient psychologist and farmer, and his wife Charlotte (Charlotte Spencer). Upon inheriting a sizable estate, they make the decision to relocate to the family farm. However, their new abode soon becomes a hub for peculiar and disconcerting paranormal activities

Soon, Nathan becomes consumed with solving the mysteries and unraveling the supernatural phenomena that torment the vicinity. Both ‘The Living and the Dead’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’ explore the emotional impact of encounters with the unexplainable, heightening tension and suspense. They both share a preoccupation with the supernatural and a penchant for setting its horrors in rural settings.

5. Kingdom Hospital (2004)

‘Kingdom Hospital’ is a supernatural horror TV miniseries adapted from the Danish series ‘The Kingdom.’ The series is set inside a haunted hospital located in Lewiston, Maine, constructed on the grounds of a tragic textile mill fire. Strange and unsettling events transpire as the troubled spirits of the deceased seek justice. Dr. Hook (Andrew McCarthy), a paranormal investigator, joins forces with the hospital staff to navigate these supernatural phenomena while hoping to shatter the mysteries surrounding the tormented spirits.

‘Kingdom Hospital’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’ are akin in their exploration of supernatural happenings centered around specific locations. Both shows are set in small towns—Lewiston, Maine, in ‘Kingdom Hospital,’ and Jerusalem’s Lot in ‘Salem’s Lot.’ In both stories, the setting is climactic, acting as a character in itself to elevate the horror. 

4. Les Innocents (2018-2020)

‘Les Innocents,’ or ‘The Innocents,’ is a French supernatural drama series. The narrative revolves around the Marsac family, who make the decision to relocate to a charming small town, oblivious to the town’s ominous and mystifying secrets. Upon settling in, they become enmeshed in a web of mysterious and spine-chilling events, gradually revealing a history marred by horrifying incidents that have deeply affected the town and its dwellers.

Both ‘Salem’s Lot’ and ‘Les Innocents’ deal with the idea of a presumably tranquil hamlet that is really plagued by sinister forces from its past. Both series focus on the protagonist’s efforts to solve the town’s riddles and overcome the evil that threatens the community. They also rely heavily on the supernatural to create an unsettling and captivating setting for their stories. 

3. Midnight, Texas (2017-2018)

‘Midnight, Texas’ is a supernatural drama on television, drawing inspiration from Charlaine Harris’ book series. The heart of the story revolves around Manfred Bernardo (François Arnaud), a psychic medium making the life-altering choice to relocate to the secluded and mysterious town of Midnight, Texas. Within this peculiar town, vampires, witches, and werewolves find refuge, forming a close-knit community to protect themselves against external threats. Yet, amidst their collective defense, they grapple with internal demons, each wrestling with their personal challenges and haunting pasts.

‘Midnight, Texas’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’ bear striking resemblances in their settings, portraying seemingly typical small towns hiding a sinister and supernatural dimension. Both series are set against communities that outwardly appear ordinary but harbor a dark underbelly teeming with supernatural creatures and entities. The juxtaposition of the ordinary and the extraordinary within these small-town settings enriches the narratives, showcasing the complex dynamics between the mundane and the mystical.

2. The Frankenstein Chronicles (2015-2017)

‘The Frankenstein Chronicles’ is a British TV series set in 19th-century London, focusing on Inspector John Marlott (Sean Bean). Marlott is assigned to investigate a string of gruesome and enigmatic murders, characterized by bodies sewn together in a manner reminiscent of the work of a deranged individual. As Marlott digs further into the case, he unearths a sinister conspiracy intertwining science, reanimation, and the mysteries of life and death. 

‘The Frankenstein Chronicles’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’ share similarities in their exploration of dark themes and the intersection of science and the supernatural. Both narratives venture into the macabre, challenging the boundaries of what is deemed feasible. ‘The Frankenstein Chronicles delves into the repercussions of meddling with life, particularly focusing on the concept of reanimation and the moral and existential consequences it carries. In a parallel vein, ‘Salem’s Lot’ delves into the supernatural world, exploring the eerie and chilling consequences of meddling with the unknown.

1. Penny Dreadful (2014-2016)

Penny Dreadful‘ is a British-American horror drama series that skillfully blends elements of classic horror literature. Taking place in Victorian London, the show interlaces characters from well-known literary works like Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and Dracula. The narrative follows the adventurous explorer Sir Malcolm Murray (Timothy Dalton) and the gifted medium Vanessa Ives (Eva Green). Together, they assemble a group of misfits to embark on a journey, facing supernatural threats and unearthing hidden secrets from their own haunting pasts.

Both ‘Penny Dreadful’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’ do a good job of incorporating established horror icons into their stories. Both stories use canonical works as inspiration, resulting in a shared literary world populated by literary horror icons. Both ‘Penny Dreadful’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’ tackles grim and disturbing subjects, drawing from genres including horror, the occult, and the battle between right and wrong.  

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