7 Shows Like The Woman in the Wall You Must See

Image Credit: Chris Barr/BBC

The Woman in the Wall‘ unfolds as a compelling six-part mystery drama crafted by Joe Murtagh, featuring stellar performances from Ruth Wilson and Daryl McCormack in lead roles, alongside Simon Delaney, Philippa Dunne, and Mark Huberman. The plot follows Lorna (Wilson), who discovers a deceased woman in her home, triggering haunting memories of her traumatic past and a history of sleepwalking rooted in her time at Ireland’s Magdalene laundries.

As secrets unravel and mysteries deepen, the series taps into themes of trauma, identity, and the lingering effects of past injustices, promising a gripping narrative filled with suspense and intrigue. If you were captivated by the enthralling blend of mystery, trauma, and psychological depth, here are 7 shows like ‘The Woman in the Wall’ sharing similar suspenseful themes that warrant your attention.

7. The Missing (2014-2016)

Created by brothers Harry and Jack Williams, ‘The Missing’ unfolds as a gripping anthology crime drama that explores the devastating impact of a child’s disappearance in its first season. The series follows various cases across different seasons, and the cast of season 1 includes James Nesbitt, Frances O’Connor, and Tchéky Karyo. Nesbitt and O’Connor portray Tony and Emily Hughes, a couple shattered by the abduction of their son in the first season. Mirroring the intense emotional exploration found in ‘The Woman in the Wall,’ ‘The Missing’ delves into the psychological toll on families, weaving intricate narratives of loss, mystery, and the haunting search for truth, resonating with viewers seeking captivating and emotionally charged storytelling.

6. The Undoing (2020)

Crafted by David E. Kelley, ‘The Undoing‘ is a riveting psychological thriller centered on a privileged New York couple, Grace and Jonathan Fraser (Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant). As their seemingly perfect life unravels following a violent death and revelations of deception, the series plunges into the complexities of trust, privilege, and hidden secrets. Parallel to the intense exploration in ‘The Woman in the Wall,’ ‘The Undoing’ captivates with its suspenseful narrative and stellar performances, making it a must-watch for those drawn to psychological depth, intricate mysteries, and the unraveling of concealed truths within the intricate dynamics of families.

5. Marianne (2019)

Hailing from the macabre realms of horror, ‘Marianne‘ emerges as a French supernatural series created by Samuel Bodin. This chilling tale follows successful horror writer Emma Larsimon (Victoire Du Bois), as the malevolent character from her novels, Marianne, comes to life, plunging her hometown into darkness. Echoing the unsettling and psychological twists found in ‘The Woman in the Wall,’ ‘Marianne’ offers a nightmarish journey, blending horror with psychological depth. Through its eerie atmosphere and the blurring of fiction and reality, the series captivates audiences, making it a captivating choice for those seeking the interplay of horror and psychological exploration.

4. Sharp Objects (2018)

Based on Gillian Flynn’s novel, ‘Sharp Objects‘ is a haunting psychological thriller developed by Marti Noxon with Amy Adams in the lead role. Adams stars as Camille Preaker, a troubled journalist who returns to her hometown to cover a series of gruesome murders. The narrative, akin to the psychological depth explored in ‘The Woman in the Wall,’ unravels the complexities of Camille’s past and family dynamics, exposing hidden scars and dark secrets. ‘Sharp Objects’ weaves a tapestry of suspense, trauma, and self-discovery, engaging viewers with its intricate storytelling and nuanced character exploration, making it a good choice for those intrigued by the interplay of mystery and psychological intricacies.

3. The Sinner (2017-2021)

The Sinner,’ akin to ‘The Woman in the Wall,’ taps into the enigmatic depths of the human psyche and the unraveling of dark and buried secrets. Created by Derek Simonds, the anthology series follows Bill Pullman’s Detective Harry Ambrose, as he investigates seemingly inexplicable crimes, each rooted in the perpetrator’s buried traumas. In its first season, Jessica Biel stars as Cora Tannetti, a young mother who commits a shocking murder without apparent motive, prompting Ambrose to look into her past to uncover the truth. With its gripping narrative and intense character exploration, ‘The Sinner’ offers a riveting journey into the complexities of human behavior and the haunting effects of past traumas.

2. Top of the Lake (2013-2017)

‘Top of the Lake,’ created by Jane Campion and Gerard Lee, unfolds its engrossing narrative with Elisabeth Moss taking the lead as Detective Robin Griffin. The series also features outstanding performances by David Wenham, Peter Mullan, and Holly Hunter, contributing to its convincing exploration of a small community shaken by a disturbing crime. As Moss’s character delves into the unsettling mystery, ‘Top of the Lake’ echoes the psychological depth and atmospheric intensity reminiscent of ‘The Woman in the Wall.’ This combination of an engaging plot and stellar performances solidifies it as a must-watch for enthusiasts of mysteries entwined with profound human stories.

1. Broadchurch (2013-2017)

In the coastal town of Broadchurch, echoes of ‘The Woman in the Wall’ resonate through the chilling drama created by Chris Chibnall. The series embarks on a relentless exploration of the repercussions that unfold when a young boy named Danny Latimer is found dead. David Tennant and Olivia Colman lead the cast as Detectives Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller, tasked with unraveling the tight-knit community’s secrets. Much like the psychological depth found in ‘The Woman in the Wall,’ ‘Broadchurch’ masterfully interlaces the unraveling of a crime with the emotional toll it takes on individuals, delivering a riveting narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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