8 Shows Like Women at War You Must See


Netflix’s ‘Women at War’ is a French series, set at the beginning of the First World War. It follows the stories of four women who live completely different lives but are brought together when the German army starts to make its move to their small town. The show shines a light on the lives and struggles of people who are left behind as their family members go to fight the war. It also highlights the contributions of women in different fields during the war, most of which go unnoticed in that context. If you want more such stories where women take charge or where war is shown from a different perspective, then we’ve compiled a great list for you. You can watch most of these shows like ‘Women at War’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. My Mother and Other Strangers (2016)

While it is a war drama, ‘Women at War’ is more focused on the impact that war has on the lives of normal people. Everyone is uprooted from their lives, be it the men who leave their families behind to fight the enemy or the women who have to leave their homes and everything they’d built when the invaders arrive. In ‘My Mother and Other Strangers’, written by Barry Devlin, a rural community in Ireland encounter a huge change as the American soldiers set camp there during the Second World War. We follow the story from the perspective of the Coyne family whose lives are changed forever.

7. Our Girl (2013-2020)

In almost every retelling of a war story, there are always male protagonists. After watching, ‘Women at War’, if you are more interested in seeing female characters and their stories as soldiers or medics or just a civilian who helps save the day, then ‘Our Girl’, created by Tony Grounds, is the show you must watch. Set in the present day, it follows the story of a young Molly Dawes who joins the British army in an effort to change her life, which had been stagnant for a while. This comes with a lot of challenges, from the troubles in training to the prejudice of her superiors, as well as the pushback from her family. Her journey acts as an inspiring tale of breaking barriers and succeeding against all odds.

6. The Bletchley Circle (2012-2014)

Inspired by the real women who worked as code-breakers during the Second World War, ‘The Bletchley Circle’ explores the lives of four women post-war. Written by Guy Burt, the show shares similar themes with ‘Women at War’. Through a fictionalized portrait, it presents the story of the unsung heroes who worked tirelessly during the war to help the Allied powers win, and what life looks like for them with very few people appreciating their work and their talents. This is yet another inspiring story which is also a revelation of the many things about the war that are not generally discussed in popular cinema.

5. Land Girls (2009-2011)

In ‘Women at War’, Caroline finds himself taking over her husband’s job when he goes to war. The same thing happens to the workers in her factory, when they leave and their wives join in their place. In ‘Land Girls’, created by Roland Moore, we find the protagonists in a similar situation. Four women become a part of Britain’s Women’s Land Army, taking over the farm work during the Second World War. Four women arrive at the Hoxley Estate as new employees, each having a different reason to take up the work. As their stories unravel, we see a very different side of their lives and how they are connected to the war.

4. Bomb Girls (2012-2013)

Created by Michael MacLennan and Adrienne Mitchell, ‘Bomb Girls’ is a Canadian TV series that explores the lives of four women, who find themselves with newfound freedom and a sense of independence when they start working at a munitions factory during the Second World War. Showcasing the many troubles that they have to face along the way, the show portrays the indomitable spirit of the women and the changes in their life when they feel liberated from the limitations society had posed on them all this while. Made in the same thread as ‘Women at War’, ‘Bomb Girls’ is an exciting and riveting watch.

3. Passport to Freedom (2021)


Created by Mário Teixeira, ‘Passport to Freedom’ is a Brazilian series set in 1935 and follows the events in the life of a young woman named Aracy de Carvalho who joins the passport department in Hamburg and finds herself in a unique position to help the Jews escape the horrors of Nazi Germany. This Brazilian series has a strong and fearless protagonist, much like the ones in ‘Women at War’. While things start to get darker and more dangerous under the rule of Hitler and the seeds of another war are sown, Aracy becomes all the more determined to rebel against the system in her own way.

2. Resistance (2014)

Loosely inspired by and recounting the work of Groupe du musée de l’Homme, a resistance group in Nazi-occupied France, ‘Resistance’ begins with the story of a 17-year-old girl who becomes a part of the rebels who are pushing back the Nazis in different ways. Created by Dan Franck, this series takes the audience through many ups and downs, focusing on the risks taken by many civilians, acting their part in the war while the soldiers fought at the borders. Told from the perspective of a teenage girl, it shows us how bravery is not limited to taking up arms during the war.

1. ANZAC Girls (2014)

Image Credits: Alysa Grigoriev/Acorn TV

Based on the book ‘The Other ANZACs’ by Peter Rees, this Australian show follows the story of the women who volunteer as nurses at the beginning of the First World War. As they leave Australia to join the Allied Forces, they have to face many difficulties on their path, while surviving the horrors of the war. This show mirrors the story of Suzanne in ‘Women at War’, where she and the other doctors and nuns at the convent have to brave many challenges to save the lives of wounded soldiers.

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