Simon Barry to Write and Direct ‘Bet’; Starts Filming in Toronto in May

Image Credit: firstweekendclub/YouTube

Simon Barry is set to write and direct the teen series ‘Bet’ next. The filming of the project is set to commence in Toronto, Ontario, in May. The show revolves around Keiko, a teenager who arrives at an exclusive boarding school for the children of the global elite to disrupt their lives and exact her vengeance after the murder of her parents.

Barry is known for creating, co-writing, and co-directing Netflix’s thriller series ‘Warrior Nun,’ which follows an orphaned teen who wakes up in a morgue to realize that she has superpowers and is the chosen halo bearer of a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns. The cast of the series includes Alba Baptista, Kristina Tonteri-Young, and Lorena Andrea. Tristán Ulloa, Thekla Reuten, and Olivia Delcán also play pivotal roles.

Barry is also the creator and co-writer of Syfy’s horror-fantasy drama ‘Ghost Wars,’ which follows Roman Mercer, the local outcast who tries to overcome a remote Alaskan town’s prejudices and his personal demons to harness his repressed psychic abilities in a bid to save everyone’s lives when paranormal entities overrun the region. The writer-director’s credits include the sci-fi action thriller ‘Continuum,’ starring Rachel Nichols in the lead along with Victor Webster, Erik Knudsen, and Stephen Lobo.

Barry served as a writer for Syfy’s horror drama ‘Van Helsing‘ and created the crime drama ‘Bad Blood,’ based on the life and death of the Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto, for Citytv. In addition to these projects, he served as an executive producer of Netflix’s comedy series ‘Fakes‘ and executive creative consultant of the crime-adventure series ‘Creeped Out.’

Toronto, the principal location of the series, previously hosted the production of Prime Video’s ‘Reacher,’ ‘The Boys,’ and Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror.’ Several of last year’s acclaimed films were also shot in the city, including Sofia Coppola’s biographical drama ‘Priscilla‘ and Kristoffer Borgli’s dark-comedy ‘Dream Scenario.’

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