Single’s Inferno Cast: Who Are the South Korean Celebrities?

‘Single’s Inferno’ is a Netflix original reality dating series that follows a set of attractive singles on their quest to find love on a searing yet stunning secluded island. The place is “hellish,” but they do get a chance to escape from it for date nights in “Paradise” once they couple up, serving as further motivation. That, along with the bold, romantic, and cozy aspects involved, makes the South Korean production not just entertaining but almost addicting. So now, let’s find out more about the actual participants who bravely risked heartbreak by coming here in season 1, shall we?

Song Ji-a

Although a graduate of Hanyang University in Seoul, where she majored in Traditional Korean Dance, Song Ji-a presently works as a Beauty Content Creator on YouTube. What’s better is that she was not exaggerating in the series when talking about her success in the industry she genuinely loves to be a part of — she does have over 580k subscribers on the platform as of writing. Not only that, but Song Ji-a’s Instagram count is at more than 455k, which means that she’ll only be getting more opportunities to expand her career from now on out. She’s ambitious, she’s a dog mom, and she has proven that she can do whatever she sets her mind to.

Kang So-Yeon

From boxing to yoga and from tennis to golf, Kang So-Yeon enjoys fitness and sports to such an extent that she has turned it into a profession. After all, not only is she the co-owner and CEO of HitFit Boxing, a Daechi-dong-based gym she opened with her sister, a former professional boxer, in 2017, but she’s also the CEO of GoodRround, an athletic apparel brand. Kang So-Yeon is even a model who runs her own YouTube channel in an attempt to spread positivity about physical health, showcase her athleticism, and just have a little fun. She has over 92k subscribers as of writing.

Kim Hyeon-Joong

Kim Hyeon-Joong is a personal trainer and model who has earned a name for himself in the field through sheer hard work. Even though he’s shy, he has been helping others stay fit for more than five years now, all the while remaining busy as a model for different fashion and sports brands. As if that wasn’t enough, he won the first runner-up title at the Mister Model Worldwide competition in New Delhi, India, back in 2019. His skills are undeniable, yet we assume that his adorable dimple also played a small role here. Kim Hyeon-Joong loves to work out and stay fit, so his ideal girl is someone who has similar interests.

Oh Jin-Taek

After graduating with a degree in business management, Oh Jin-Taek started working in the fashion industry to learn the ropes before opening up his own British-style tailored suit brand, Ascottage, in 2019. Therefore, today, he serves as the CEO and style advisor for the organization while also handling the marketing and management responsibilities. Oh Jin-Taek is driven and a perfectionist, so it’s no surprise that he often models his own clothes to ensure a perfect look for exposure purposes. From what we can tell, the Ascottage store is located in Dosan-Daero, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Shin Ji-Yeon

Shin Ji-Yeon had said that she believes her “positive vibes” and “empathy” make her a charming individual, and although that’s true, her intellect and ambition also play a role in her allure. After all, following her grandfather’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, she’d decided to enter the field of medical biology and is thus a Neuroscience Major at the University of Toronto, Canada, right now. The 25-year-old was deemed “pure” and “white” on ‘Single’s Inferno’ based solely on her looks, but it’s clear that she is so much more.

An Yea-Won

As a 27-year-old from Busan, An Yea-Won is a personal trainer, a pilates instructor, a fitness model, a beauty enthusiast, and a content creator, making her a health and beauty influencer through and through. She prides herself on her physical appearance and claims that she’s quite clumsy (in a cute way), but her actions on the Netflix original also highlight that she’s compassionate as well as strategic. As of writing, she has over 137k followers on her Instagram account, along with 1.6k+ subscribers on her YouTube channel, which are only bound to increase with time.

Kim Jun-Sik

From Seoul, South Korea, 28-year-old Kim Jun-Sik is the CEO of KAMEE, a startup company he had established while in his junior year of college. With his passion for cooking, along with his desire to stay healthy, it’s actually no surprise that he’s in the entrepreneurial industry, mainly with Ginseng-based goods. From research and development to marketing and operations, Kim Jun-Sik seemingly oversees it all and manages to do wonders, especially as KAMEE is also involved in international exports.

Choi Si-Hun

Even though Choi Si-Hun does look a little like K-drama actor Lee Jong-Suk, as pointed out in the series, his profession is quite different. The 30-year-old is a model and runs his own fashion brand, Hoten Original, where he’s the creative director, the lookbook curator, the product developer, and much more. We should also mention that, unlike some of his fellow cast members, even with just 59 posts as of writing, his Instagram account (352k+ followers) is verified.

Moon Se-Hoon

We can’t be too sure, but it looks like Moon Se-Hoon is currently in his mid-20s and works in the food business, especially considering how he boasted about being good at household chores, including cooking, cleaning, and laundry. He does have a public Instagram account, but it’s relatively new, with only seven posts since December 19, 2021, which means that even that gives us no indication of his age or career trajectory. Therefore, all we know is that he likes animals and hanging out near the waters.

Kim Su-Min

Having described herself as a “bright, friendly, and energetic person,” Kim Su-Min lives up to these characteristics and her optimism in every way possible. The best part, though, is that, unlike most people, who only describe their ideal partners in terms of physical features that can change over time, she just wants a man who has “thick, double eyelids” and is always “true to their feelings.” From what we can tell, she’s not only interested in food and travel, but she’s also a part of the Korean entertainment industry as an actress. After all, she was in ‘Forgotten Love,’ a short film that premiered back in 2020.

Seong Min-Ji

As someone who loves hip-hop, video games, and simply having a good time, Seong Min-Ji breaks all bounds when it comes to the contrast between looks and personality. In ‘Single’s Inferno,’ she’d claimed that she had been told she looks “cold” and “hard to approach,” but the truth is that she’s extremely friendly and playful once you get to know her. And honestly, her Instagram account (with around 34k followers as of writing) seems to back her up. The social media platform also reveals that Seong Min-Ji has modeled for a few beauty and fashion brands over the past couple of years, making it clear that, at the very least, she’s a part of the entertainment industry as well.

Cha Hyun-Seong

Despite his shy personality, Cha Hyun-Seong is a dancer and model by profession, which is not that surprising considering his self-admitted “well-proportioned body” and “charming smile.” From putting in the necessary hours at the gym to spending his free time freediving and wakeboarding in the waters, he does it all. And he does it while maintaining a YouTube channel to show off his skills and document his everyday life. As of writing, he has more than 509k followers on Instagram and about 121k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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