Sky Rojo Season 2 Ending, Explained

‘Sky Rojo’ is a fast-paced action series that centers on a trio of former prostitutes attempting to escape their savage brothel owner. Co-created and co-written by Álex Pina (‘Money Heist‘), the show is an adrenaline-fuelled blur of skin, drugs, violence, and toxic relationships wrapped up in an ominously glittering world of prostitution. Season 2 finds Coral, Wendy, and Gina steering into their battle against the savage club owner Romeo with more than just escape on their minds.

This time around, both sides are out to decimate the other, except in a world as murky as the one of ‘Sky Rojo,’ the sides are not always clear, especially to the drug-fuelled minds of Coral and Moisés. The ending is a pandora’s box of violent twists that will leave viewers feeling as battered as some of the characters (in a good way!) In case you’re still left with questions, settle in. We’re here to untangle them. Let’s dig into the ending of ‘Sky Rojo’ season 2. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Sky Rojo Season 2 Recap

Season 2 opens with a quick resolution of the season 1 cliffhangers, and Coral soon has Romeo incapacitated and is in possession of all the cash and passports from the disabled boss’ safe. However, in what has become an almost predictable habit, the purple-haired heroine can’t help herself and inhales an appallingly fat line of cocaine before leaving Romeo’s office. In her addled state, she forgets to escape and is recaptured.

Meanwhile, Gina and Wendy barricade themselves in a hunting lodge and are able to capture Moisés’ brother Christian and hold him hostage. They ask for Coral and their passports in exchange for the young gangster, but the deal goes sideways and Romeo, outraged by their repeated attempts to steal from him (and also for permanently disabling him), locks them in a car and buries it in concrete.

Despite the huge celebration at the club following their “victory” against the 3 women, Moisés is haunted by the thought of Coral dying. The two have found solace in each other in the past, and unbeknownst to him, Coral has been playing with his and Romeo’s affections. He secretly drives out and rescues them, telling them to leave. However, walking away feels like too much of a loss, and Coral soon comes up with a plan to not only steal from one of Romeo’s clubs (which are glorified brothels) but from all seven of them. Moisés too hatches a similar plot when he realizes to his disgust that Romeo has kidnapped his mother to force his brother and him to continue working for him.

Christain is apprehensive about trying to steal from Romeo but is convinced by his big brother. The two capture the van carrying the money from Romeo’s clubs but are soon held hostage themselves by Coral, Wendy, Gina, and Fermin, who the women have “recruited” to help with the heist. In the confusion that follows, Christian is shot, and the women make off with the money and Moisés as their hostage.

Sky Rojo Season 2 Ending: What Happens to Coral, Wendy, and Gina?

Back in their hideout, our heroines realize that they’ve managed to snatch over 4 million euros of the boss’ money and celebrate. Wendy and Gina leave to organize a way to transport the money to the ferry they hope to escape on, leaving Coral to watch over Moisés. Once again, her self-destructive tendencies get the best of her, and she consumes a heavy dose of drugs that she always has at her disposal. Soon, Moisés is able to overpower her and escapes but is unable to take the money with him as Gina and Wendy return just in the nick of time. The three women are then able to catch the ferry, which is where we last see them.

Meanwhile, a profusely bleeding Christian is interrogated by Romeo, who suspects him of stealing the money. He is shocked to learn that the women he buried in cement are still alive and takes Christian back to the scene of the heist, where he lets the injured man bleed out and die. He then tells Moisés, who has also arrived on the scene, that the women killed his brother and are responsible for all the discord that has plagued their friendship. Inconsolable and wild with anger, Moisés hugs Romeo and says they might have lost the battle but not the war.

The tragic villain Moisés’ last words are very telling as it looks like Coral, Gina, and Wendy have truly won this time around. When we last see them, they are aboard a ferry to Madeira with over 4 million euros of Romeo’s dirty money that he’s had collected from his clubs. They seem to have gotten away relatively uninjured, with the notable exception of Coral’s eye, which she loses during a scuffle with her toxic lover Moisés. The condition of Gina’s baby, who is briefly mentioned, remains uncertain. But considering she hasn’t been gravely injured, it is probably healthy.

Madeira is a free port that Romeo uses to launder his money, which means the women will find a way to hide all that cash they’re carrying once they reach. However, this also means that they are heading to a place that the criminal boss and Moisés are both very familiar with. Considering the two men are now looking for revenge more than ever, the trio’s hard-fought victory might soon be nullified if they are tracked down. It’s possible Romeo could even have men waiting to capture Coral, Wendy, and Gina once they get off the ferry in Madeira.

Is Moises Dead or Alive?

Moises has a close call with death multiple times in the season finale. When Coral realizes that the only way for her to disappear without Romeo chasing her is to kill Moisés, it seems like the man’s fate is sealed. Coral decides to kill Moisés because he is the only one (she thinks) who knows who stole Romeo’s money. She realizes that she has to silence him to make sure Romeo never finds out who stole his money and continues to believe that she, Wendy, and Gina perished in the buried car.

Unbeknownst to her, Christian spots Wendy’s tattoo during the heist and realizes the trio is still alive, which he subsequently tells Romeo. This is just as well, because before Coral can kill Moisés, he overpowers her and escapes. Soon after, it seems like Romeo will kill Moisés for trying to steal from him, but the sadistic boss chooses a fate that seems even worse than death for his old friend and colleague. In the end, Moisés is left alive but broken, angry, and living only for revenge.

Is Christian Dead?

Moisés’ brother Christian tries multiple times to walk away from the despicable life of crime and misery that has been his existence for as long as he can remember. However, every time he walks away, he is pulled in all the more violently. His loyalties switch between his brother and Romeo, but, realizing the importance of family, he agrees to steal Romeo’s money and make off. The scheme doesn’t go as planned and Christian is shot in the stomach by Fermin when he tries to overpower Wendy. Tragically, he doesn’t die then but many excruciating hours later as he is allowed to bleed to death by Romeo. To make things worse, Romeo then blames his death on Coral and uses it to buy back Moisés’ allegiance.

Who Does Romeo Kill?

Romeo is indirectly responsible for Moisés’ brother Christian’s death, who he allows to bleed out while questioning him about the whereabouts of his money. However, the murder that is even more strongly etched on his hands is that of Moises and Christian’s mother. In the final episode of the season, he shows Christian her frozen body that he has kept in one of the freezers of his club. He also confesses to poisoning the old woman, whose absence he had so far explained by saying that he had kept her “somewhere safe.”

Interestingly, Romeo and the woman he killed had a lot of affection for each other and the latter even thanked him for saving her sons Moisés and Christian. As he explains to her grieving son after revealing the frozen corpse, his mother had Alzheimer’s disease and was living in a world of delusion that was torturous. His killing her was a form of euthanasia and was meant to put her out of her misery. He describes how he killed her— with a cocktail of sedatives— as the most peaceful way of dying and wishes that he could die in the same way when his time comes.

This, however, doesn’t change the fact that Romeo insidiously manipulates people while making them believe that he is helping them. This is something that Moisés has only recently come to realize. However, in the fog of grief after losing his brother, he seems to have forgotten it. It is a powerful and sickening scene near the end when we see Romeo crying and hugging Moisés after essentially killing off his mother and brother in the span of a few days.

Has Coral Kicked Her Drug Habit?

Coral’s habit of consuming copious amounts of drugs and making psychotic decisions plays as big a role in the plot as any of the leading characters. This continues till the end, when she consumes another hefty dose before attempting to kill Moisés, only to end up losing her eye and letting him escape. Her toxic relationship with the man also seems to have a similar effect on her as the drugs.

Though in the end she is able to walk away from Moisés, drugs are still her refuge and help her make sense of all the chaos around. In the closing scenes, when we see her on the ferry, it seems like she now has a clarity which might translate to her reducing her consumption of drugs. However, much like Moisés, who is gunning for her more savagely than ever, her drug habit might just come back in full force when she least expects it. That’s the only Coral we know— someone whose actions, at the most crucial moments, are essentially driven by the twisted logic of a drug-filled haze.

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