6 Shows Like Sky Rojo You Must See

Created by Alex Pina of ‘Money Heist’ fame, ‘Sky Rojo’ is a tale of three women sex workers who have to escape from the marauding presence of their pimp. As it turns out, their altercation with the pimp Romeo has brought up the troubling situation. While on the run, their backstories are revealed gradually. The trio consists of Coral, who comes to this profession after a life as a housewife and botanist; Wendy, who leaves Argentina in hopes of achieving something big in her life; and Gina, a human-trafficking victim trying to settle down through her trauma.

The series is an exploration of true grit and determination, as the lead characters have to navigate across the violent world of sex-trafficking. Moreover, ‘Sky Rojo’ turns out as a testament to the willpower of the women who fight against all odds to stand tall. We decided to curate a list of six shows with similar themes and stories of headstrong women. Most of these shows like ‘Sky Rojo’ are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

6. Big Little Lies (2017-2019)

Big Little Lies’ tells the story of five women who are caught in the proceedings of a murder investigation. The leading ladies have seemingly perfect lives, which are upended when a single mother moves into their affluent neighborhood. An ensuing murder causes a tricky situation where the characters have to fall back to their past to come out of it. The series is a thrilling and entertaining ride with generous dollops of dark humor. The themes resonate with ‘Sky Rojo’ as both the series follow the exploits of a group of women trying to reach a position of sanity and peace. Even though the plot may differ, the show is an engaging take on women trying to jostle against adversities and come out strong.

5. Baby (2018-2020)

‘Baby’ is an Italian series that focuses on a group of high school students ensnared in the murky depths of prostitution. Inspired by a real-life scandal of two schoolgirls caught in the trap of the sex business, ‘Baby’ is a gripping take on the vices of underage prostitution. Chiara is a privileged girl who joins hands with Ludovica, who has a penchant for drawing trouble. Circumstances push them towards a prostitution ring, and they have to deal with dangerous obsessions lurking underneath. Their coping mechanism is reminiscent of the lead characters of ‘Sky Rojo,’ and even if there isn’t a threat chasing the students, they still have to find a way out from the dangerous world.

4. Harlots (2017-2019)

Created by Alison Newman and Moira Buffini, ‘Harlots’ is a period drama focusing on Margaret Wells, who runs a brothel. In the unpredictable society of 18th century London, Wells has to hold on to her risqué profession and provide a respectable life for her children. The dichotomy of her life and desires forms the central part of the show. She has to navigate through the aspersive and violent behavior of society and stand firm in the business. Much like the protagonists of ‘Sky Rojo,’ Wells has to protect herself from dangerous machinations and wade through the risks of a profession with heavy collateral damage.

3. Cable Girls (2017-2020)

A Spanish series, ‘Cable Girls’ tells the story of four young women who join a telecommunication company in the 1920s. At that point in time, women had to fight for basic rights, stifled by the dominating patriarchal society. Each of the characters has different motives and backstories but forms a formidable friendship that helps establish a sense of independence. The plot is quite different from ‘Sky Rojo,’ but the underlying confrontation with male domination draws a fine parallel between the two series.

2. The Deuce (2017-2019)

Set in the New York of the 1970s and 1980s, ‘The Deuce’ talks about the dangerous liaisons between the mafia, drug dealers, and traffickers. The series features the life of a sex worker who enters the porn industry to gain a semblance of her own agency. ‘The Deuce’ is an exhilarating piece of drama peppered with unabashed performances by James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The exposition of the sex industry and its effects on the people are similar to the narrative of ‘Sky Rojo.’ Both the series are an attempt to lay bare the hidden underbelly of a decadent society.

1.  La Promesa (2013)

A Colombian television series, ‘La Promesa,’ talks about the dangers and abuse that people have to suffer when engaged in a prostitution ring. The series focuses on three women who fall into the trap of a human-trafficking network. They try to escape the dire situations with their family members frantically searching for them. Walking through a path of shame and humiliation, the women try their best to get out of the degradation. Needless to say, ‘La Promesa’ is similar To ‘Sky Rojo’ in its plot as well as the determination of the characters to reach a better life.

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