Smile Sequel ‘Smile Deluxe’ Starts Filming in Newburgh

The filming of ‘Smile Deluxe,’ a sequel to the 2022 psychological horror movie ‘Smile,’ is starting in Newburgh, New York. Written and directed by Parker Finn, who also helmed the original film, the sequel’s plot is currently under wraps but the original movie’s ending offers hints concerning it.

In the first ‘Smile’ movie, therapist Dr. Rose Cotter encounters graduate student Laura Weaver at a psychiatric ward, who claims to be haunted by an invisible entity manifesting as smiling figures foretelling her death. The eerie events escalate, with Rose experiencing disturbing hallucinations and witnessing suicides linked to unnatural smiles. Convinced of a curse, Rose explores the mysterious chain of deaths and discovers a malevolent force that feeds on trauma. As the terrifying entity takes on various forms, including Rose’s deceased mother, the film culminates in a harrowing confrontation at Rose’s abandoned family home. In a desperate attempt to escape the curse, Rose inadvertently passes it on to her ex-boyfriend Joel, leading to a chilling climax.

One possible sequel scenario centers on Joel, who tries to evade the relentless demon after witnessing Rose’s demise. With the added pressure of a looming deadline to avert his own death and the burden of being the last person to see Rose alive, Joel faces a myriad of questions. However, Finn’s remarks suggest an alternative approach. ‘Smile 2’ can be a prequel or spin-off, offering an expanded perspective on the unsettling world introduced in the original movie.

Considering the ending of ‘Smile,’ Sosie Bacon is not expected to reprise Rose in ‘Smile Deluxe.’ However, several cast members from the original movie will feature in the second movie, with Kyle Gallner confirmed to reprise his role as Rose’s detective ex-boyfriend Joel. Jesse T. Usher (Trevor) and Gillian Zinser (Holly) may also remain a part of the film series. Marti Matulis is expected to reprise his role as The Monstrosity. The addition of Naomi Scott (‘Anatomy of a Scandal‘), in a lead role, confirms the introduction of a new protagonist who is poised to confront the malevolent entity. Lukas Gage (‘Euphoria’ and ‘White Lotus‘) and Rosemarie DeWitt (‘The Staircase‘) are also part of the cast of the upcoming film but their characters are undisclosed.

The upcoming movie is scheduled to grace screens on October 18, 2024. Newburgh, the principal location of the movie, previously hosted the production of Peacock’s murder mystery series ‘Poker Face‘ and HBO’s satirical political drama ‘White House Plumbers.’

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