Snack vs Chef Season 1: Where Are the Chefs Now?

Hosted by Hari Kondabolu and Megan Stalter, Netflix’s ‘Snack vs. Chef’ is a reality cooking series with a unique premise. It welcomes several culinary experts to showcase just how vell-versed they are with some of the most beloved snacks in the country. Throughout various rounds, the participants must recreate iconic snacks or make their own delicious food items to impress the judges and claim the grand prize of $50,000. The show’s first season welcomed many cooks, but only five were able to secure their position at the top. Naturally, fans are eager to know what finalists are up to, and we are here to answer the same!

Where is Lauryn Bodden Now?

Starting with the ultimate winner of ‘Snack vs. Chef’ season 1, we have Lauryn Bodden. As of writing, she works as a recipe developer and culinary producer. Moreover, Lauryn provides her services as a private chef and often showcases her literary skills. Presently, she writes for publications like The Spruce Eats, Delish, and Simply Recipes.

Furthermore, the reality TV star serves as a cook for Sailing Collective Travel Co. Along with her fellow finalist Sandy Dee Hall, Lauryn is the co-founder of S’noods. The duo bonded on the show and decided to work together and create something new and exciting. Apart from food, Lauryn is pretty enthusiastic about traveling and body-building.

Where is Sandy Dee Hall Now?

Sandy Dee Hall’s excellent work throughout the show helped him reach the top two. He works as a freelance executive chef and culinary consultant while exploring his passion for writing and content creation. The culinary expert often shares his kitchen creations with his social media followers. Having formed a strong friendship with Lauryn Bodden on the Netflix show, Sandy partnered up with the season winner and opened S’noods.

Apparently, Sandy does not have a strong sense of smell, which often leads to him using bold and unique flavors. Apart from cooking, he seems pretty connected to nature and can usually be found traveling to some of the most beautiful locations in the world. He is often accompanied by his pet dog Momo, whom he loves very much.

Where is Clara Park Now?

Moving on to one of the most impressive chefs on the show, we have Clara Park, who kept wowing the judges from the start. She is a freelance chef who works in different kitchens and is quite diverse in her cooking style. Whether you are looking for delicious masala dosa or mouthwatering sushi, this chef knows how to whip them up. Additionally, Clara serves as a teacher across the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she lives.

Not just that, Clara is a member of the Advisory Council for The Culinary Literacy Center at The Free Library of Philadelphia, along with the Advisory Board for The Food Lab at Drexel University. She even participated in the work-study program at The Institute of Culinary Education. The reality TV cook has her website, where she often shares her thoughts through self-written blogs. Interestingly, Clara has been a part of the Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ and won the cooking competition.

Where is Hari Cameron Now?

Once a restaurant owner, Chef Hari Cameron came on ‘Snacks vs. Chef’ to prove his culinary skills to the world. Though he lost the initial round to Clara Park, the judges decided to keep him as one of the finalists, given his excellent culinary skills. Presently, Hari is a consultant to different food establishments and offers classes. His passion for food revolves around the beauty and care one puts into their cooking.

The culinary expert co-owns and runs his restaurant Grandpa Mac in Rehoboth, Delaware, with his brother. On the personal front, Cameron is happily married to Stephanie Cameron, and the two welcomed their son, Palmer Smith Cameron, in August 2022. Besides, the couple’s eldest son, Maxwell, started second grade in September 2022, while their second child, Bayley, entered pre-school.

Where is Lauren Jude Now?

Finally, we have Lauren Jude, who kept her competitors on their toes using her excellent cooking skills. The food scientist is a celebrated kitchen coach who established Poppin’ Pantry to improve food education within the “black and brown communities.” Lauren is a coach, workshop facilitator, and speaker through her organization.

The reality TV chef lives with her husband, Jamil Jude, the artistic director of True Colors Theatre and the co-founder of the New Griots Festival. The happy couple has been married for over six years and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their eldest daughter, Journey, turned four on March 4, 2022. In June of the same year, they welcomed their second daughter, Genesis, into the world.

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