Sniper Assassin’s End: Exploring All the Filming Locations

‘Sniper: Assassin’s End’ helmed by director Kaare Andrews sees Special Ops Sniper Brandon Beckett being set-up for the assassination of a foreign dignitary, undercutting the signing of an important trade deal. Agent John Franklin of the CIA leads the hunt for Brandon and captures him. However, the masterminds behind the assassination send Russian mercenaries to tie up loose ends and he barely escapes with his life.

Having no intention to run, Brandon turns to the only man he can completely trust, the legendary Sniper Sgt. Thomas Beckett, his father. The two evade and clash with CIA squads, mercenary kill teams, and a Yakuza-trained assassin, Lady Death, whose sniper skills rival their own. The action film transports us from urban skyscrapers to vibrant, verdant forests, and even to a stylish, contemporary mansion by the ocean. As we follow the Beckets on the run through such scenic locales, a question may arise as to where filming took place for the eighth movie in the ‘Sniper’ franchise.

Sniper: Assassin’s End Filming Locations

‘Sniper: Assassin’s End’ was shot entirely in the province of British Columbia, using locations across Vancouver, Dewdney, Vancouver Island, and Langley. Principal photography was carried out in an 18-day shoot between October 26, 2019, and November 2019, and the film was released in June 2020. Interestingly, the film is director Andrews’ first in the ‘Sniper’ series, and he took inspiration from previous installments’ visual vocabulary. Knowing that the character of Thomas Beckett lost his trigger finger in the first movie, he used a hand double with a missing finger for close-up shots. Allow us to take you through the specific locations used for the creation of this action flick.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, and its surrounding hills and forests, became a primary filming destination for ‘Sniper: Assassin’s End.’ The city’s dynamic urban settings, including its modern cityscape, and bustling streets, are perfectly contrasted by the surrounding thicket of rolling verdant landscape, providing an ideal backdrop for adrenaline-fueled action sequences. Speaking of how much he enjoyed filming action sequences around Vancouver, actor Michael Collins said, “Yes, we shot this in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. Such a beautiful area. And our wonderful Director Kaare Andrews and his production team took full advantage of the natural majesty of the area. I’m particularly proud of how gorgeous a lot of the forest scenes turned out. It was a lot of fun to be outdoors filming action scenes running through a mossy, emerald swath of trees. Those were some of my favorite days of filming.”

Renowned for its established film industry, skilled crews, and state-of-the-art production facilities, Vancouver continues to attract action movie productions seeking diverse and visually stunning settings. Its blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty has attracted prominent action films such as, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,’ ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,’ ‘The Last of Us,’ ‘The Night Agent,’ ‘Deadpool 3,’ and ‘Watchmen.’

Langley, British Columbia

Lying southeast of Vancouver, Langley City became a quaint urban backdrop for shooting a few scenes of ‘Sniper: Assassin’s End.’ The city’s varied landscapes, spanning from urban neighborhoods to scenic countryside, offered the filmmakers a wide range of options for their action thriller. Interestingly, the CIA headquarters shown through exterior shots in the movie is actually located in Langley, Virginia, and is also known as the George Bush Center for Intelligence.

Dewdney, British Columbia

The vast green expanse in the unincorporated community of Dewdney became a location for the film crew to lens their action scenes. Nestled in the Central Fraser Valley, east of Mission, Dewdney’s open road became the site for an ambush in the movie. When Brandon Beckett is captured and being transported by the CIA, they are attacked by mercenaries driving a truck. During the scenes, Fraser Valley, surrounded by its breathtaking mountainous landscape can be observed in the background.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

The Becketts’ journey briefly takes them to a coastal region and into a modern oceanfront mansion. When Zero (Ryan Robbins) looks to hire a boat at the pier, the location is portrayed as Danbury, California. Shooting of these scenes was actually done around Vancouver Island, most likely in the Greater Victoria area, on the southern tip of the island.  The rocky coasts of Vancouver island have also featured in action thrillers such as ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,’ ‘Timecop,’ ‘Godzilla,’ and ‘In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale.’

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