Sniper Assassin’s End: Who Is Zero?

‘Sniper: Assassin’s End’ brings a new adventure for the protagonist, Brandon Beckett, a skilled sniper with a decorated career within the Marines. Only this time, the threat is much more unexpected. A Costa Verde politician, Bruno Diaz, meets a bitter end when a public appearance ends in his assassination. Worse yet, the elusive killer leaves evidence at the crime scene that frames Brandon for the murder. Consequently, an unprepared Brandon finds himself thrust into constant battle and chase against the persistent CIA, led by Agent Franklin, Russian hitmen, as well as a Yakuza-trained assassin.

Even though it may seem like Brandon’s people have turned against him, one fair-minded Homeland Security Agent, Zero, takes up a just investigation of his case. Therefore, while Brandon remains on the run with his retired father, Thomas, Zero simultaneously puts his life at risk to retrieve the truth about Diaz’s death. As such, given Zero’s mysterious but helpful presence in Brandon’s life, his character becomes a natural source of curiosity. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Zeke Rosenberg, A.K.A., Zero

Zero’s introduction into the plot arrives on the heels of Brandon Beckett’s arrest at the hands of the CIA. John Franklin, the agent in charge of Brandon’s case, is persistent about serving justice and stopping Brandon in his allegedly nefarious schemes. The assassin who framed Brandon for Diaz’s murder does a near-perfect job of laying down plenty of evidence for the authorities, including email chains and DNA samples at the vantage point from where the politician was shot.

Furthermore, since Thomas Beckett’s recent mission went south near Costa Verde, Franklin believes Brandon to have a motive. The same, paired with the fact that Diaz’s assassination was noticeably the job of a highly skilled professional, solidifies the theory for Franklin. Nevertheless, the CIA Agent doesn’t stop to doubt the ease with which the case solves itself. Instead, he jumps to conclusions.

Yet, Homeland Security’s Zeke “Zero” Rosenberg takes a different approach. The man wants to serve justice as much as Franklin. Still, he is weary of taking things at face value. More importantly, given Brandon’s impressive career, Zero understands that his past demands respect. Thus, he does not wish to tarnish the sniper’s name without cold-hard facts.

For the same reason, Zero spends the rest of the film investigating Diaz’s death to ensure whether or not Franklin’s theory checks out. Zero prefers to start with a blank slate. Therefore, he doesn’t go into the investigation with any presumptions about Brandon’s innocence or guilt. The man is simply after the truth. In that regard, he draws a perfectly opposite parallel to Franklin, who seems intent on using any new development to incriminate Brandon further.

As such, since Franklin occupies a visibly antagonistic role, at least for the film’s majority, Zero’s character effortlessly becomes a “good guy” in the audience’s eyes. Throughout the movie, we get to learn more about Zero’s personality but little about his backstory. Nevertheless, his storyline helps the audience conjure a certain image of his character. Zero is a stickler for justice but not so much for the rules. Moreover, his roguish attitude compels others, like Clover, Franklin’s operative, to rebel alongside him.

However, the most intriguing aspect of his character is revealed at the film’s climax. Brandon clears his falsely incriminated name by discovering the real assassin behind Diaz’s death, Yuki Mifune/Lady Death. Likewise, with the female assassin’s help, Brandon also catches the real mastermind behind the crime, Donald South, a plotting Pharma CEO out for monetary gain.

Since Yuki helps the CIA catch Donald, they expunge her American crime records. Yet, in accordance with the law, they must extradite her to Japan, where she is wanted for her Yakuza relations. Nevertheless, Zero has a cryptic conversation with her at the film’s end, seemingly offering her a deal. Thus, we can conclude Zero’s character holds more nuances than depicted in ‘Sniper: Assassin’s End.’ However, the next time we meet the character in ‘Sniper: Rogue Mission, the series reveals more about Zero’s character and his motives.

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