Sniper Ultimate Kill: Who Is The Mole?

In ‘Sniper: Ultimate Kill,’ Brandon Beckett joins forces with multiple law enforcement agencies in a joint task force to bring down a notorious Columbian drug cartel. As such, the skilled marine sniper teams up with his own father, Sergeant Thomas Beckett, and famed CIA operative Richard Miller, alongside DEA’s Kate Estrada and her own squad. However, while chasing after Jesus Morales, the drug kingpin of Columbia, who seems to have hired a sharpshooter who matches Brandon in skill, Kate and the others face an unanticipated internal problem.

After their initial operation fails, Kate proposes the theory that a snitch is among their ranks. Nevertheless, Morales’ hired gun manages to find them even after the operation gets cut down in size and moved to safe houses. As a result, Kate and Brandon are compelled to go off-grid in their search for the drug lord while constantly being on guard for their suspected mole. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Mole In Estrada’s Operation Against Morales

Before recruiting Brandon into the team, Kate Estrada had already been on the hunt for Jesus Morales for years as the lead DEA Agent assigned to the drug case. Morales already poses a grave threat to the growing drug problem within the county. However, recently, with the help of his skilled sniper, known as “El Diablo,” Spanish for The Devil, Morales has been picking off his opponents from the market.

Therefore, the pressure increases for Kate to find the man and end his terror before he can gain control over all trade routes across the country and become an unstoppable power. Due to her inherent non-nonsense nature, the DEA Agent believes in taking firm and tangible actions at the right time without letting opportunity pass by. For the same reason, she moves her bust operation to the earliest after getting a tip about movement inside Morales’ believed safe house.

Nonetheless, despite procuring Brandon, one of the best snipers in the line of duty, Morales manages to get the better of Kate and her squad with a booby-trapped shed and one exceptionally skilled covert marksman. The same incident rouses Kate’s suspicions. The woman had meticulously planned each aspect of the op in collaboration with Thomas Beckett and Homeland Security’s John Samson. For the same reason, she knows Morales must have received a tip-off from someone with intimate knowledge about the mission.

Still, the only course of action that follows is Homeland assigning them safe houses, which end up becoming El Diablo’s next target. As a result, after a particularly nasty roadside altercation with Morales’ men, almost all of Kate’s crew dies, leaving her and Brandon as the only survivors. From there, although Brandon updates Miller and Beckett about the situation, he decides to go radio silence to keep his secrets close to him.

Eventually, with the help of an unexpected leak, Kate and Brandon manage to catch Morales, attacking the man in his hideout house with the full force of their tactical team. Yet, another obstacle awaits them as they undertake the mission of Morales’ transfer to Miami. Both Kate and Brandon are aware that Morales’ unique standing with El Diablo makes him a target for the hitman now that the cops have him.

Thus, the opportunity presents itself to catch El Diablo while simultaneously unearthing the mole within their department. Miller plays a significant role in creating the plan since his regular interactions with Samson have made him suspicious of the other man. Throughout the film, Samson remains a negative constant in Kate’s mission. Although everyone just has the impression that Samson is overtly critical, Miller notices his reluctance to greenlight Brandon’s plans that keep him out of the loop from the home base. Even though the same is for their own safety, Samson is indignantly against the plan.

As such, during the transfer, Miller decides to test Samson and feeds him misinformation about the convoy detail. In turn, El Diablo, who had shown up at Miam with the express purpose of killing Morales, somehow becomes privy to the highly classified information about the criminal’s decoy within the convoy. As such, El Diablo targets the covert laundry van.

Since Miller had lied to Samson about the decoy laundry van and Morales had always been a part of the actual convoy, the CIA Agent receives the confirmation he needs about Samson’s betrayal. As it would turn out, Samson was far more concerned with the terrorist activity within the country. Therefore, he was willing to sacrifice safety against drug trafficking. Thus, Morales had cut a deal with him to become a double agent in exchange for control over terrorist activity at the trade routes.

However, once Kate and Brandon catch Morales, Samson realizes his position would be in jeopardy if the drug lord talks. As a result, the Homeland Security agent reaches out to El Diablo to help him assassinate their shared enemy. Ultimately, Samson’s plan fails, and Miller catches him red-handed.

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