Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

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Upon deciding to head to New Eden in the third episode of TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer’ season 3, Layton and his allies face a new challenge in front of them. Alex dives into her childhood to keep the Snowpiercer running and Wilford encounters the vengeance of an unforeseen guest. Alex and Wilford also enjoy the company of an unexpected visitor as they confront their emotions individually. Since the fourth episode ends with certain significant questions unanswered, we have taken a closer look at the ending. Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode of ‘Snowpiercer’ season 3, titled ‘Bound by One Track,’ begins with Alex reading her mother Melanie’s journal. As she reads, she sees Melanie in her vision, talking to her. In the engine room, Ben finds out that their track is blocked by a few cars of the Big Alice, left by Wilford previously. Alex informs Layton and Ben that the cars are stuck in the track and an engineer’s intervention is necessary to move them away. Ben and Alex leave the Snowpiercer to get into the cars upon instructing Javi to drive the Snowpiercer in reverse until they clear the track.

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Asha continues to suffer from her past traumas. Ruth goes on a date with Pike. Ben and Alex get into the Big Alice cars. The former opens a panel that contains dead bodies, who were sacrificed by Wilford for the advantage of the selected others. Alex comes across the dead body of Shilo, her childhood friend, and she recollects her childhood in the imaginary presence of Melanie, who continues to exist in her visions. After a nice date, Pike invites Ruth to his place and they share intimacy. Javi hallucinates Wilford’s dog frequently, barking at him. Wilford sees Melanie in his visions as he counts his days in the prison.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4 Ending: Is Wilford Dead or Alive?

Wilford is alive but in critical condition. Upon coming out of the drawers, Roche determines to take revenge on Wilford for destroying his family. He tricks Bess to go to the drawers and steals a drug to kill the mighty engineer. He uses his chief Brakeman uniform to dismiss the guard to enter the prison. As Wilford shares his astonishment to see Roche, the latter injects the drug in Wilford. Layton, who arrives at the prison for information regarding the Big Alice cars from Wilford, sees him on the brink of death. Layton saves Wilford by arranging the required medical attention on time.

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Even though Layton doesn’t have any sympathy towards Wilford, killing him or leaving him to die is the last thing he wants to do. The idealism that governs the actions of Layton does not yearn for the death of the tyrannical engineer. Moreover, Layton knows that Wilford’s knowledge of the Snowpiercer as an engineer may turn out to be inevitable in the face of crises. Thus, he saves Wilford. Although Wilford is alive, he is still in critical condition, facing death in a distance. If Mrs. Headwood’s medical efficiency turns out to be inadequate to sustain life in the engineer, the distance between death and Wilford may gradually shorten.

What Does Wilford Do to Layton and Zarah’s Baby? Why Does Zarah Agree to Experiment on Her Baby?

In the Snowpiercer, pregnancy is valued high. When Wilford comes to know about Layton and Zarah’s baby, he considers Zarah’s pregnancy as an opportunity to think about the future and survivability of the species. He instructs Mrs. Headwood to experiment on the baby with the cold-resistant treatment they previously tested successfully on Josie. Wilford uses the baby as a way to find out whether the substance he has developed can be used to enable the newborns to resist the fatal cold from their birth. His unparalleled ambition to be “the God” of the remnants of humanity leads him to find a solution that can resist the freeze.

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When Layton finds out about the prenatal experiment that has been happening without his knowledge, he confronts Zarah. The mother of the baby reveals that she agreed to do the experiment for the good of the baby. She blames Layton for abandoning them for his pursuit of Melanie. As far as Zarah is concerned, the well-being of the baby is the only thing that she cares for. When Layton leaves the Snowpiercer, she realizes that if she has to survive, she may need to be on good terms with Wilford.

When Wilford proposes “a magic substance” for her baby to defeat the fatal cold, Zarah thinks that it may increase the chances of her baby’s survival. Layton’s absence and Zarah’s selfishness pave the way for her pact with the devil to experiment on her baby.

Are the Big Alice Cars Moved from the Track? How?

Yes, the Big Alice cars are moved from the track by Alex. When Ben fails to unlock the cars from the track, Alex informs Layton and others that only Wilford can help them. When Layton reaches Wilford’s prison, he sees that the engineer is on the brink of death. He asks Ben to abort the mission and return to the Snowpiercer. However, a persistent Alex dismisses Layton’s orders and tries her best to find a solution. Melanie, who exists in Alex’s visions, asks her daughter to recollect the lessons of Wilford to solve the conundrum.

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Alex thinks about the time Wilford asked her to see and examine the train intricately. The recollection of Wilford’s lesson sparks wisdom in her and she realizes that she can unlock the cars by working on the hydraulic lines within. Alex does the same and unlocks the cars for the Snowpiercer to drive forward freely.

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