So You Think You Can Dance Season 18: Where Are The Contestants Now?

In the dynamic tapestry of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season 18, we were treated to a parade of extraordinary talent, each dancer painting their own vibrant story on the canvas of our hearts to be crowned “America’s Favorite Dancer.” Cat Deeley’s return as host added her signature sparkle to the stage. From dazzling Broadway performances to groundbreaking choreography and surprise stints in Hollywood, these dancers have taken bold strides into exciting new ventures since the conclusion of the show. Since witnessing their mesmerizing performances and touching moments during the season, it is natural for many to seek an update about the post-show journeys of their beloved contestants to learn what happened to them after the final curtain call.

Anthony Curley is Riding The Winning Wave Today

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Anthony Curley captured hearts as the winner of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ season 18. Recently, he melted the hearts of his fans by wishing his twin sister Ciara “a happy birthday” in an endearing post. Represented by Clear Talent Group, Anthony continues to make his mark in the dance world, performing at the Motivating Movement Creative Space in the town of Gilbert alongside Maci Montes. The 19-year-old contemporary dancer expressed heartfelt gratitude to his fans for their support at this event. Off the stage, Anthony is nurturing a romance with fellow contestant Dakayla Wilson and cherishes his close bond with his sister and mother. He celebrated his 19th birthday on February 17, just a month before his star-making season premiered.

Dakayla Wilson is Making Strides in Her Dancing Career

Dakayla Wilson, an 18-year-old dancer from Florida, shone brightly as the runner-up of season 18. A student at Southampton’s CLI Dance Conservatory, Dakayla admitted to a “baby” crush on winner Anthony Curley during a chat with co-stars Madison Alvarado and Mariyah Hawkins, and their romance has since blossomed. She also revealed in an interview to Fox13 News that her favourite performance from the season was with T-Pain. Represented by Clear Talent Group, she collaborates with the dancewear brand Tiger Friday and participates in the Streetz Dance Convention and Competition and Intrigue Dance Intensive. Recently spotted enjoying a beach vacation with friends, Dakayla also shares a loving bond with her father.

Madison Rouge Alvarado Aims to Achieve New Heights in Her Career

Madison Rouge Alvarado dazzled her way to third place on the show. Recently, she collaborated on a project coached by Brian Friedman and graced the premiere of Lady Gaga’s ‘The Chromatica Ball,’ as she accompanied the pop icon on her tour as a part of her dancing team. Represented by McDonald Selznick Associates, the 21-year-old Jazz Funk dancer expressed heartfelt gratitude to the team of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and her supportive parents after her impressive run. She continues to refine her craft, recently seen dancing at Alexander Chung’s classes at Millennium Dance Complex.

Easton Magliarditi is Making Appearances in Music Videos

Easton Magliarditi, now based in Los Angeles, recently expressed his gratitude to Allison Holker for hosting the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ watch party, where he reunited with his fellow Season 18 cast members. A veteran of the show, having first appeared in Season 13, Easton is also one half of the dynamic duo ‘Izzy and Easton’ with Izzy Howard. He was featured in James Charles’ music video ‘Can We Just Be Friends,’ for which he was immensely grateful to Charles. Beyond his screen appearances, Easton has been enjoying a vacation with friends in Los Cabos, Mexico, and showcased his talent on stage during Derek Hough’s tour.

Mariyah Hawkins is Ramping Up Her Dance Career

Known by her names Riy, Riyah, and Mariyah, this dynamic dancer has been making waves across Los Angeles. She frequently attends classes with fellow choreographers Braylon Browner and Tucker Barkley, honing her craft alongside some of the best talents in the industry. Recently, she performed with her favorites, Mariusz Kotarski and Jake Landgrebe, at a Movement Lifestyle event, showcasing her versatility and passion for dance.

A devoted fan of Ice Spice, Mariyah had the opportunity to join her dance team for a memorable Coachella set, adding another highlight to her burgeoning career. Always keeping things fresh, she loves experimenting with her hair, flaunting new styles regularly. Not just confined to the dance studios, she was also recently spotted enjoying a vacation in Saudi Arabia, blending her love for travel with her artistic pursuits.

Jaylin Sanders is a Dance Teacher Today

Jaylin Sanders, a dynamic presence in the dance world, is soaking up inspiration from Devyck Bull in Los Angeles while also modeling for his friend Keegan Barnes. Keeping a pulse on the music scene, Jaylin finds himself grooving to tracks from both sides of the heated Drake and Kendrick Lamar rap feud. April saw him joyously celebrating his girlfriend Nissrine’s birthday, a highlight amidst his bustling schedule. Known for his freestyle flair, Jaylin often shares his passion for rap beats through spontaneous dance sessions. At Eighty Eight Studios in LA, he channels this energy into teaching Hip-Hop Fundamentals and Choreography, inspiring the next generation of dancers.

Roman Nevinchanyi Now Works as a Model and Dance Teacher

Ukrainian Roman Nevinchanyi is not your average model. When he’s not striking poses for independent filmmaker Alina Znachitova, you might catch him rocking out to the tunes of the legendary band Guns N’ Roses. But Roman’s passions go beyond the spotlight; he’s a vocal advocate for his homeland, tirelessly supporting Ukraine during these challenging times. Deeply committed to his cause, he actively fundraises and lends his support to charitable organizations aiding Ukrainian soldiers. Currently calling New York home, Roman shares his love for dance by offering private lessons and spreading joy and rhythm to those eager to learn. With a heart as big as his talent, Roman Nevinchanyi proves that true artistry goes hand in hand with compassion and advocacy.

Braylon Browner is a Dance Student at the University of Southern California

Hailing from the city of Killeen, Texas, this rising star has found his rhythm at the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance. Amidst the golden hues of the campus sunset, he’s often spotted immersing himself in the beauty of movement, a testament to his passion for dance. Beyond his studies, he shares his expertise as a guest teacher at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles. As a versatile artist, he lends his choreographic talents to projects like Forest Swords’ music video ‘Hiraeth,’ adding his flair to the visual storytelling. Amidst his busy schedule, he was also seen alongside his elder sibling, Bria, celebrating her graduation earlier this month. With a penchant for striking poses, he also dabbles in modeling, capturing the essence of City of Angels’ artistic landscape.

Olivia Alboher is a Jack of Many Trades

A TikTok sensation with over 2 million followers, Olivia is a multi-talented dynamo who dances, models, sings, and acts. Recently, she was spotted soaking up the sun at Coachella with friends, embodying the festival’s vibrant spirit. As the face of Ciele Cosmetics and a promotor for Jo+Jax, she effortlessly merges beauty and talent. Like many of her ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ peers, Olivia shares her expertise as a guest teacher at the renowned Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.

A passionate supporter of the Kansas City Chiefs, she’s often seen proudly sporting their colors. In the modeling world, she frequently collaborates with photographer Brandon Taelor Aviram. Her acting credentials include appearances in acclaimed series such as ‘Severance’ and ‘Prodigal Son,’ showcasing her talents across multiple platforms. Olivia’s diverse portfolio and dynamic presence make her a rising star to watch.

Avery Gay is a Student at The University of Arizona

Avery, from the sunny streets of Scottsdale, Arizona, is currently enrolled in the University of Arizona’s School of Dance. Recently, she collaborated on a choreography project with Makenzie Chbeeb. Avery also shines as a style influencer, promoting the trendy brand PrincessPolly. Avery is also dating fitness trainer Zander York, which means you can often spot her at the gym, where her dance moves come alive when those post-workout endorphins kick in.

As a proud member of the Arizona Alpha Phi sorority, she balances her academic and social life with flair. Additionally, Avery frequently partners with Josie Walsh, bringing her ballet skills to new heights. Whether on stage, in the gym, or promoting fashion, Avery’s vibrant energy is unmistakable.

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