Somebody Somewhere Season 3 Starts Filming in Illinois Early Next Year

The filming of ‘Somebody Somewhere‘ season 3 is slated to begin in Illinois early next year. Series creators Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen continue to serve as the head writers of the comedy-drama.

The second season finale concludes with the joyous wedding of Fred and Susan, which brings closure to the characters while leaving room for further growth. The penultimate episode depicts a significant rift between Sam and Joel due to the latter’s involvement with Brad, escalating the tension that has been brewing between them. However, the sudden death of vocal coach Darlene serves as a catalyst for their reconciliation, leading to a heartfelt apology from Sam during a church service. The sophomore round also explores Sam’s grief concerning her sister’s death, which is depicted realistically throughout the series.

The wedding episode pays tribute to absent friends, particularly Ed, honoring the real-life passing of actor Mike Hagerty. Sam’s newfound openness to love and intimacy, which is symbolized by her interaction with neighbor Drew, marks a significant shift. Overall, the second installment delves into the themes of acceptance and growth, portraying the stages of grief as Sam navigates through the pain she carries.

The season 2 finale offers a glimpse into what to expect in the third season. Despite her unsuccessful attempt with Drew, Sam may form a relationship, by looking for a partner beyond her neighbor under house arrest. The acceptance of Brad suggests a potential deepening of his role in her life. Sam’s decision to wear Holly’s jewelry signifies a significant step in her grieving process, likely foreshadowing a new chapter of her life.

As far as the cast of the show is concerned, Bridget Everett (Sam) is joined by a talented ensemble that includes Jeff Hiller (Joel), Mary Catherine Garrison (Tricia Miller), Murray Hill (Fred Rococo), Jane Brody (Mary Jo “MJ” Miller), Mercedes White (Tiffani), and Kailey Albus (Shannon). They are expected to return to the third season.

In addition to her starring role, Everett also serves as an executive producer of the series, along with Bos and Thureen. Carolyn Strauss of The Mighty Mint, Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass, and Mel Eslyn of Duplass Brothers Productions, and Tyler Romary are the other executive producers. The writing team of the second season included Bos, Thureen, Everett, Rachel Axler, and Lisa Kron, with Jay Duplass, Robert Cohen, and Lennon Parham serving as directors.

The previous installments of the show were primarily filmed in suburban Chicago, specifically in Lockport and Warrenville, which can be the case with the upcoming season as well. “We cast a lot of roles out of Chicago, and the talent pool was insane. It was exciting to have so many choices for so many roles. I’m biased because I love the Chicago style of acting — which I feel is very grounded, very real, and very nuanced — and we had many wonderful actors to draw on to fill our world in,” Bos told the Chicago Sun-Times about filming in the region.

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