Somewhere Quiet (2024): Exploring All Filming Locations

‘Somewhere Quiet’ is a horror drama that takes viewers on a traumatic journey through the fragile mind of its protagonist. After escaping a brutal kidnapping, Meg (Jennifer Kim) retreats to the family estate of her husband, Scott (Kentucker Audley). Seeking to heal herself, she hopes their time together will mend her strained marriage. Things take unexpected turns when the couple discovers Scott’s cousin Madelin (Marin Ireland) staying next door. Meg is taken aback by how close Scott and Madelin are, and her presence quickly becomes unavoidable. She is soon plagued by nightmares and visions of an old woman wandering in the woods.

Suspecting the cousins are concealing a secret, Meg resorts to desperate measures, triggering a chain of disturbing events and escalating the tension. Directed by Olivia West Lloyd, this psychological thriller complements its jump scares and chilling plot with deep philosophical concepts, such as trauma, gaslighting, racism, and the struggle between perception and reality. The haunting narrative of ‘Somewhere Quiet’ is further amplified by its atmospheric settings, prompting questions about the locations that brought this chilling story to life.

Where Was Somewhere Quiet Filmed?

‘Somewhere Quiet’ was primarily filmed in Boston and Barnstable County in Massachusetts, capturing the essence of the diverse northeastern landscapes. The story is set on the Cape Cod peninsula, where Scott owns an extensive family property. Filming took place in March and April 2022, maintaining the early spring chill to reflect the movie’s somber tone. Cinematographer Conor Murphy utilized these natural frames, creating a visually stimulating experience and successfully immersing viewers in Meg’s disoriented and anxiety-ridden psyche.

Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Barnstable County, located about 70 miles from Boston in Massachusetts, served as the primary filming site for ‘Somewhere Quiet.’ Cape Cod, one of the most prominent geographical features of the entire continent, offered breathtaking visuals that were integral to the movie’s setting. The peninsula extends into the Atlantic Ocean, providing a stunning backdrop of coastal terrains, beaches, and wilderness for its crucial scenes.

Cotuit, a charming village within Barnstable, was prominently utilized as a backdrop for the movie because of its dense forests. The hauntingly beautiful ambiance of these woodlands proved vital for several suspenseful sequences, raising the isolation and dread. The town of Yarmouth and the residential village of Hyannis were utilized for their pristine beaches. These coastal locations not only showcased the natural beauty of Cape Cod but also directly influenced the themes of the storyline. Joe’s bungalow, an essential location in the film, was depicted against these serene oceanic backdrops, engaging the viewers all the more and prompting them to doubt Meg’s suspicions.

The town of Wellfleet, known for its rustic charm and scenic vistas, is another filming site. Here, more coastal landscapes contributed to the movie’s overall aesthetic, shuffling the locations to mix reality with nightmares. Filming also took place near the iconic Nobska Lighthouse at 233 Nobska Road in Falmouth. The lighthouse’s historical value and panoramic views added to the plot’s tension. Its illuminated pathways and the surrounding leafless forests in autumn repeated the feature, particularly during the night sequences.

Boston, Massachusetts

While much of the outdoor scenes were shot on location in Cape Cod, Boston played a crucial role in the production. The production designing team, led by Caity Birmingham, handled assembling the indoor sets that depicted the interiors of Scott’s family home. These sets were designed to reflect the psychological complexity of the characters, adding depth to the narrative, specifically the claustrophobia Meg witnesses due to her kidnapping. These sets also turned 180 degrees on her other fear, the neverending dreadfulness of the woods outside, thus boosting every horror factor witnessed in ‘Somewhere Quiet.’

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