Son Won-ik: The Single’s Inferno Contestant is Now a Public Figure

Following nearly a year, Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno‘ has returned to our screens again in the exciting form of season 3, with more appeal, drama, romance, and love triangles than ever before. It hence comes as no surprise that even though this original’s core notion hasn’t waivered, there are new elements as well as an entirely new roster of cast members to keep things interesting. Amongst them is actually none other than the conventionally handsome, captivating, and confident Son Won-ik — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Son Won-ik?

If there’s only one word we can use to describe Won-ik, it would have to be determined considering the way he went about his stint in this original production without any regrets. “People around me often say I’m optimistic and honest,” he expressed in his introduction. “I’ve often been told I have a boyish charm. I like trying new things and taking on new challenges. I’m all about new experiences… I’m determined to find a good match here and escape.” For him, this match from the get-go was Yoo Si-eun due to her bubbly, innocent charm, but she sadly didn’t return the sentiment.

“I like a woman with a round face,” Won-ik candidly admitted upon being asked about his ideal type by Si-eun early on. “I also have a thing for tall women with puppylike faces. There is one more thing: I like women who exude a natural glow through their expressions. Someone who’s not afraid to show her true self. There’s something beautiful about people who stay true to themselves.” He essentially described Si-eun to a tee after understanding her type too, unaware she was actually leaning more towards Park Min-kyu at the time. However, everything changed for her once it came to light there were two Infernos.

While Won-ik’s attraction toward Si-eun remained the same, she found herself becoming enamored by Choi Min-woo — in fact, she didn’t sway even once the former whisked her away to Paradise. The truth is she tried to give him a genuine chance, yet she gradually realized her feelings for him were that of just a close platonic friend, especially as her interest in Min-woo continued to rise. Nevertheless, the former remained patient and subtly made his intentions clear, but it simply didn’t pan out in his favor. He was left standing alone as Si-eun and Min-woo chose one another in the end.

Where is Son Won-ik Now?

From what we can tell through Won-ik’s online presence, he doesn’t lament any of his actions during filming because he not only made sincere efforts but also remained true to himself every step of the way. So, although this 31-year-old appears to be single at the moment, he’s content as he’s thriving in the professional sense — he’s a real estate agent for a reputed brokerage that primarily focuses on the luxurious markets. Moreover, and more importantly, the avid marathon runner seems to be expanding his wings as a fitness/lifestyle influencer these days, for which he even has a public Instagram page as well as a YouTube channel.

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